BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light And More Now Free On PlayStation Plus

That’s right, the PlayStation Store is getting in gear a little early and February’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection content is now available. That means you can get two great PS3 games and two PS Vita games, though you’ll have to wait a week for the PS4 game Outlast.

Those include BioShock Infinite for PS3, Irrational Games’ superb shooter with a twisty story in the clouds, which you absolutely must experience if you enjoy unique settings and some mind blowing revelations as you play through.


Next up is Metro: Last Light on PS3, which is currently taking the limelight in our WeView feature. The setting is the atmospheric ruined tunnels of the Russian Metro in 2034. You’ll have to use your wits to avoid and at times attack both mutant and human enemies.

Dynasty Warriors NEXT is, well, next. This PS Vita title takes the series’ esteemed gameplay and blends it with intuitive controls using the system’s many inputs.

Finally for this update, you can pick up ModNation Racers Road Trip on PS Vita. This customise-em-up karter has some great options for creating tracks and characters, using the Vita’s touch screen. It might not be the best karting game, but it should be a bit of fun.

Additionally, if DLC if your type of thing, you can pick up the Metro: Last Light season pass at half price – that’s just £3. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for BioShock.



  1. PS Store WWW site, here I come !

  2. Great update this month, looking forward to trying Outlast – it looks proper scary :D I’ll get those Vita games downloaded as well, wanted to see what Dynasty Warriors was like.

    This month’s update kind of makes me wish I had a PlayStation 3 though, I’d have liked to play Metro Last Light – maybe I’ll try and pick it up cheap for the XBOX 360.

  3. I’ll definitely be firing up the PS3 to download Metro later.

    I remember trying the first BioShock and didn’t like it whatsoever. I’m pretty sure I did my own review of the game which ended up being a 2 word review – BioS**t.
    I know its supposed to be good but has anyone got any input on whether its worth me downloading BioShock Infinite as I didnt like the first’? – e.g.: I didn’t like the feel of the controls, in fact the gameplay mechanics as a whole.

    • Gameplay is very similar. If you hated 1 that much, I wouldn’t bother, but if it’s free you can give it a try.

      • Cheers, I’ll probably avoid it then. I don’t mind neglecting the PS4 for one game but it might start to get upset with 2.

    • 1 was the best, great story & atmosphere, little repetitive.
      2 was meh, it tried too hard.
      Infinite is between the two others IMO, not as good as a lot of the hype makes out but a decent solid game & well worth playing if you have PS+ !

  4. Lovely, just set all this to download so should be ready when I get home from work :D

    Played BioShock on PC and loved it. Will definitely be replaying for platinum #37.

  5. Done. Have I said that I love PS+?

  6. damn, i forgot it was store update day.

    is anybody else not seeing buy or add to basket buttons on the web store?

    • never mind, they seem to pop up after a while.

  7. Best PS+ ever?

  8. This is the best value month for PS PLUS I’ve seen. Glad I signed up to PS PLUS

  9. I’ve got all the PS3 stuff downloading now, but forgot about the vita stuff!!

  10. Is it next wednesday for OUTLAST?

    • Yeah, we’re not getting outlast until Wednesday 5th Feb.

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