Meet the Reader: Hannypoppie

So I’ve missed church whilst your nails were drying but if you could be so kind as to answer a few more I’m sure the rest of the day can be devoted to painting them some sort of awful glittery colour with added sparklenessnessness!

Yes but look at it this way, this time I’m actually answering the questions you give me! Haven’t I grown? You should be proud of me, I’m trying really hard here not to deviate from the subject too much! It’s not great for morale though if you answer your questions better than I do. *pouts and folds arms*

And by the way, you can’t have too much sparkle on your nails, ever.

Other than the social and cooperative fun you’ve been having whilst slaying zombies (and your fellow team-mates with that bloody frying pan of yours), what games have you most enjoyed recently?

Well I would have liked to enjoy some games such as Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, but I don’t have a PS3 to hand anymore and poor Theodore (yes, Hanny gives her computers names) keeps crashing on me when I try to play a PC game so I haven’t been playing much these days.

Okay, so I may or may not have played The Sims 3 recently….a little bit. And I may or may not have bought all the expansions to go with it.

I’ve also been playing proper games like Bastion and Amnesia to make up for it though, so it’s not all bad!  Oh, and I’ve been enjoying some Wii games like Super Smash: Brawl and, this is embarrassing… Just Dance 2, but only because I won a competition and it’s fun to play a game you’re actually good at sometimes.

What’s the best regular or semi-regular feature on TSA?

You. (I may or may not be getting paid to say this)

This concludes the interview as I need to book a hotel and bumping fists really tires my hands out for typing.

Yes, cause that’s all we’ll be doing… bumping fists. Splendid.

Soooo, I feel duty-bound to ask you about your most embarrassing gaming moment but I’d far prefer you to regale the readers with your marathon sessions of Amnesia. Do discuss.

Oh, do we have to? It’s a wee bit embarrassing you know, because I can only play the game if I’m in a Skype call with you guys, with the lights on, for ten minutes on end, whilst whimpering like a dying kitten waiting to be saved. I haven’t even encountered my first monster yet and I’m basically pooping my pants at every sound I hear. It’s a bit pathetic. Ah well, at least you guys get some fun from it so I guess it’s not all bad.

We do indeed. It’s like being an operator on the Ghost Train and you can’t help but take a peek and see people accidentally relieving themselves at every twist and turn. You must load the game later as I could do with a good laugh.

I would if Theo would stop crashing on me, maybe. It’s getting dark earlier now and your voice doesn’t really help actually. If anything, it makes it more scary!

I do tend to have a dark chuckle that puts you off completely so I’ll try to behave. Finally, and I fear we’ve lost everyone by now, do you have any hidden talents or skills (that I should know about)?

You always say you’ll try to behave but somehow you never do. It doesn’t count if you say sorry afterwards you know! You’ll still do it!

Haha!  anyway, I have a lot of hidden talents and skills. I happen to be great at contorting my face into something hideous that scares men off instantly (I’ve tested it multiple times and the general response has always been “KILL IT WITH FIRE!” so I’m very pleased). I’m a pretty good dancer, I guess, and I also like to cook. Actually, cooking is about the only domestic thing I tolerate.  Oh! And I’m great with kids as well, they’re like a miniature army to me, bowing to my every whim. Bwahaha.

Any final words whilst I replace all your strange Dutch lingo for actual British words?

That’s funny because already I know more Welsh than you do as a born Welshman, ZING!

But yeah I do have some final words but you’ll need to head over to General Chat for that and it’s worth your time. I promise!

Here’s another link to the extra, extended, behind the scenes, and fully clothed supplement to this Meet the Reader interview.

Can I be bothered to click the link? Ugh… See you next week!

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  1. Loving the banter! Such a nice and easy way to start a hangover Sunday, good read guys!

  2. Best ‘Meet the Reader’ so far. Funny, beautiful, passionate, intelligent, solid gaming skills and a great sense of humour.

    The female lets things down a bit but Mike was superb.

    • Puts all tef’s prior effors to shame, huh?

      • If you ask me, I think Tef’s a lot less offensive than this blighter above us. A bit less of a bastard too!

    • Great work from the two of yee. One of the best if not the best Meet The Reader. Truly great work. *Fist bump to both yee* :)

  3. LOL, good read. That was just random and all off topic which I liked :P

  4. Oh god, Hanny was interviewed!? *steals back the rights to MTR* :P

    Nice to meet you again Hanny. I suspect Mike had to drink a lot of beer after this to recover from it. ;)

    • He needed five bottles of cider just to get the edge of the nasty feeling for an hour. The poor man, so gobsmacked by my awesomeness.

  5. A very good read. Nice to see someone else looking to get into the industry! I know what you mean about looking at games in a different manner. I’m forever over-analyzing things when playing which usually spoils the enjoyment for me!

    • Ohhh you too eh? Haha! I’m forever a child at heart so I still enjoy games even if I’m overanalyzing it. It helps that I’m not too fussed about the technical stuff though, so I’m usually just looking closely at the story, art style and basic gameplay elements. It’s a bit frustrating for my teammates in L4D sometimes though when they’re all dying and I’m there standing looking at the pretty scenery hahahaha

      • As long as the game has a sci-fi element to it i’m happy. L4D’s humour is what does it for me…the graffiti especially. Things like “no zombie is safe from Chicago Ted”. Brilliant.

  6. i went out last night and woke up about 10 minutes ago, reading this soon as im awake…0_o whoa, just whoa.

    Did someone just put Mike in his place? Several times?
    Have some cheesecake :D!

    • Someone had to eventually, haha! Yaaaay, cheesecake! =D

      • i’d offer to deliver to door, but im not coming all the way to the netherlands :D

  7. Makes me want to eat Frikendel. :D

    • Frikandel is pretty awesome! Have you ever had a Kroket? Those are even better, I swear.

      • I’ve had Kroket but not Frikendel. Want to go to Holland and just eat all the delicious sounding foods. Except Soused Herring. :P

  8. Good interview, I’m glad to hear you name your computer, I did that once. I also named my car, but I’m not gonna say what it is because it’s embarrassing… I also went on a rafting trip a few years ago and named my oar Elanoar. Some of the other guys went with Izadoar, Theodoar, Noara and Dirty Whoar.

    • You name your stuff as well? Ohhh that’s awesome, I do believe I’ve found a soulmate! Dirty Whoar is easily the best out of those names. I tried to name my clever phone as well, I named it Mojo-jojo…but somehow it didn’t stick

      • Mojo jojo, wherea that from, in sure I’ve heard that somewhere before… How about mobo hobo instead? I’ve had to name some knitted animals my girlfriends been making for her nieces and nephews, what Ive come up with is a whole new level or embarrassing haha.

        Spotter – my old 60gb was the black shiny beast! The newer slim one has a bit less character sadly

      • My sister decided to name my car a few years ago, most annoying!

      • @ron_mcphatty – Mojo Jojo is from the powerpuff girls. he is one of the many enemies that they defeat on a daily basis.

        Don’t ask me how i know.

    • I call my PS3 Sarah and my PC ‘The Beast’

      • I name my weapons…*ahem*

  9. Spoiler alert: In the general chat audio we learn that Hanny is in fact just Mike putting on a high voice and tucking himself between his legs. Never saw it coming.

    • “Never saw it coming” *golf claps*

      Only the people behind did.

      You tap it across, son, I’ll put it in the net. :-P

  10. Hahaha! Without question the best meet the reader i’ve seen on tsa.

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