First UC3 DLC Pack Will Include 4 Retro Maps

We’ve known about Uncharted 3’s Flashback Map Pack #1 for a little while now, however what we didn’t know is that it will contain four unlockable online battlegrounds and not just two, as previously thought. On the latest episode of GTTV fans were given an exclusive look at one of the returning maps, Sanctuary, and like several other retro arenas it has received a makeover with more dynamic lighting and particle effects, swapping out the Tibetan mountain backdrop for a deep jungle, decaying aesthetic.

An Ice Cave re-make and updated version of The Fort have been previously confirmed for map pack too, with one more left to be revealed before it’s release. However, thinking about it, given the #1 tag it’s more than likely that Naughty Dog has a second Flashback DLC pack in the pipeline, meaning 8 retro maps in total, exactly the same number of maps that were originally released for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


There has been no official announcement on when the DLC will be released, though given the amount of content already hinted at via the Fortune Hunter’s Club, a pre-2012 doesn’t seem out of the question.

Source: GTTV Episode 5-06



  1. Have any NEW maps been announced for this as yet, or is it just rehashes of old maps from UC2??

    • At present, no. According to what was said on GTTV, 4 map packs are on the way (3 of which are included in the Fortune Hunter Club thingy) meaning that at least (well, hopefully) eight maps will be originals.

      It doesn’t bother so much about the old maps. They’re all fantastic and at least ND has given them a bit of polish.

      • Oh yeah, no criticisms to what they are doing to spruce up the old maps, just that i have seen nothing new actually mentioned as yet, so i wondered if i perhaps missed an announcement.

      • Fourtune Hunter club members gets 4 map packs and 3 skin packs (the 3 that came out on day one. Assuming here, as in the article, there will be two flashback map packs containing the 8 maps. That leaves two map packs that should include brand new maps

  2. Would like to see some new maps instead.

    • All in good time. Getting 4 maps in the pack is fantastic value when most were expecting 2, and the Fortune Hunter pack stated there’d be 4 map packs, so 8 old maps and 4-8 new maps too.

      • so 16 new maps to expect. I haven’t got the Fortune Hunter pack so wan’t to pick and choose which DLC I will get. I suppose they good maps to bring back but wan’t new ones to come sooner :)

  3. Shame not to have some new maps, but then again I loved the Sanctuary map.

    • I’d go as far as to say that that was my favourite U2 map

      • I would have to agree, closely followed by Lost City map.

  4. Excellent.
    Give me the much-loved old ones first, while designing and building some great new ones.

    • If this is the case, then yes that is fine – I think people would generally be a little annoyed if they just got old map packs (albeit redesigned/redone) & then ND said “that’s yer lot!”.

      • I’m sure it will be.
        They said 4 map packs, and they don’t have THAT many maps left to redo even if they reskin ALL the old maps.
        So I’d say we’ll get two packs of new ones.
        But they’ll obviously take longer to make than Uncharted 2’s, which are just being spruced up (and maybe some other alterations, I’m not sure) as opposed to being made from scratch.

        Is anyone else slightly annoyed that Sanctuary isn’t going to look half as good without the snow?

  5. Hopefully the last one is the village.

  6. Village or Plaza would be cool.
    As long as they keep making them fresh as they have been then I’m up for it, I do want new maps at some point, though.

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