3DS GBA Ambassador Games Not Delayed

If you’re an early 3DS adopter like myself, chances are the announcement of 20 free games (10 NES, 10 GBA) through the Ambassador program was the only thing stopping you from picking up your pitchfork and marching on Nintendo HQ after they slapped a huge price drop on the console.

The 10 free NES games launched on 3DS in September without a hitch, but things have been ominously quiet on the GBA side of things with the vague promise of them arriving ‘sometime before the end of this year’ being the last we heard.


It has been rumoured that the games had been pushed to 2012 after Nintendo’s Spanish website listed the games as arriving ‘next year’. However, this won’t be the case in the UK, according to a Nintendo spokesperson:

“The forthcoming 10 GBA Virtual Console titles available for registrants of the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme, will be available before the end of December 2011. We will make further announcements in due course.”

The five GBA games to have been confirmed so far are: Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong.

Source: ONM



  1. released 11:59PM on December 31st.

  2. I do hope they end up porting a Link to the past GBA, but I fear they won’t since the four swords has already been given away as part of the Zelda anniversary.

  3. Those are some of the best games the GBA had. Just as well since there’s a real lack of decent 3DS software to date.

  4. I think Kirbys Mirror was added too.

    • That was later deconfirmed by Nintendo, I’m fairly sure

  5. Thats already an awesome selection of games, I’m glad they haven’t delayed it and I hope we see some Zelda game in the selection, although you could probably count on it.

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