Final Fantasy Type-0 Releasing Outside Of Japan

Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajima Tabata has confirmed that the game will see an international release.

In an interview with Type-0 Ultimania Guide, Tabata announced that he is working on an overseas version of the two UMD PSP title.


The game, originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII, is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, along with Final Fantasy XIII itself, and is set to have a whopping 14 playable characters.

Square do seem to be one of the only developers still supporting the decaying PSP so this announcement probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Might also be because of this thing called Final Fantasy, I hear it’s rather popular.

Source: Andriasang



  1. nice! ^_^

  2. Why wasn’t this made for Vita in the first place?

    Surely being released as a launch title for the Vita would’ve gotten the game more attention and sales than releasing it on PSP…

    • Was originally planned for mobile phones actually, think it was announced way back at E3 ’06.

      • Oh, yes, I do remember that. I guess the PSP is quite the step up then :)

  3. Good though I’ll probably be playing on my Vita.

  4. Happy to hear

    (now when can i expect news of Versus? i hear its the PS3s last great game)

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