COD:MW3 ‘Vet & n00b’ Discuss Their Feelings

As it is now officially Christmas, Activision has thoughtfully given me a lovely present. It’s a video of Sam Worthington, looking quite sweaty, in a uniform. 

There may be some other guy waffling on about his feelings after blowing someone’s face off with a rocket launcher. Might be something related to a game as well.


Warning: Video contains lots of swearing.

Source: YouTube



  1. i wonder how many more of these they’ve got waiting to be shown.
    lots hopefully. ^_^

  2. That was so funny! “hey man how’s the face, oh it’s completely of your body, ok f**k you”

  3. I hope they have lot’s more of these, the live action videos are the best!

  4. genuinely amusing, really liked that :)

  5. Funny. Hope there’s more.

  6. This is great, I demand more!

  7. Love these clips.

  8. Very funny, something parents would disapprove of but it made me smile!

  9. Lol, very good.

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