Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Is A Talkie

Do you like plot? Well, in that case, you’ll love this incomprehensibly named ‘Terragrigia’ trailer Capcom has released for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations.


Screw the zombies, other hideously deformed creatures and possible explosions, what everyone wants is an intriguing and cerebral story.

Resi Revelations should be hitting a 3DS near you on 27th January.

Source: Youtube



  1. I want this game so much. Still hoping for a PSN/Wii release :(

  2. Damn this would look nd play so good on the psvita :( Damn you Capcom for making it exklusive….

  3. Not sure why, but bits of that reminded me of MGS.

    • Because it was all story & no action??

      Ooohhhh zing!

  4. It looks pretty good but i really don’t want to have to buy a 3DS just for this game so will probably have to pass. If it came for the PS3 or Vita i would definitely get it

    • Hopefully It will just be a timed exklusive(crosses my fingeers).

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