PlayStation Plus December Content

The PlayStation blog has listed this month’s treats for PlayStation Plus subscribers with Lara Croft as this month’s leading lady.

Tomb Raider: Underworld is this months free game which finds our plucky heroine discovering the Norse Underworld and Fours Thor’s Hammer.


This month’s PS One game is Cool Boarders and the Deadline DLC Pack for Split/Second: Velocity is also free. The Minis games Sneezes and Orbit and a festive theme conclude the first batch of goodies.

Sony have added a mid month treat in the shape of Marvel Pinball which will be free from December 14th.

Content and offers available until January 4th 2012 unless otherwise stated:

From December 7th:

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld – 100% off
  • Cool Boarders (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • Sneezies (minis) – 100% off
  • Orbit (minis) – 100% off
  • Split/Second: Velocity – 50% off
  • Split/Second: Velocity – Deadline DLC Pack – 100% off
  • Disney’s Bolt: The Game – 50% off
  • 4 Elements HD – 40% off
  • Rocket Knight – 50% off
  • GoldenEye 007: Reloaded – One week early access demo until December 14th
  • Festive Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • Stripes Part II Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • PixelJunk: Sidescroller Player One Avatar – 100% off
  • PixelJunk: Sidescroller Player Two Avatar – 100% off

From December 14th:

  • Marvel Pinball – 100% off
  • Marvel Pinball: Captain America Table – 50% off
  • Marvel Pinball: Fantastic Four Table – 50% off
  • Burnout Crash – 50% off until December 28th
  • The Studio – Hanging Mobile Theme – 100% off

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I bought Rocket Knight last week!!!

    • ha! genuine lol, hate when that happens.

  2. Not bad, the Christmas update itself seems a bit flimsy though.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t been reported on TSA yet (I may have just missed it), but Ubisoft have had some chracking PSN discounts to celebrate their 25th anniversary this week.

    • I highly recommend Ubisoft’s Might & Magic, one of my best purchases this year.

      • I got the one free with PS Plus earlier in the year, NO idea how to play the sodding thing though :(

  3. Just the Golden Eye demo for me! Would have been Tomb Raider but once again PS+ is giving away old games that I already own.

    Thank God PS+ have the auto-update and Save Cloud.

    Oh, and by the way, the Christmas thing has been utter poo so far.

    • Ha!

      My save cloud has run out of space since Skyrim.

      • Oh dear, how big is the save file, I’ve heard they can be 18-19MB? :(

        My Super Street Fighter IV save file is 16MB, I have no idea why the save file is that big?

        I have about 2Mb left on my Cloud mainly due to volume of games, and I don’t delete anything….I would welcome an increase from the 150Mb limit! In fact, take away some crap content and increase the Cloud size!!

      • Yeah, same. My saves are up to 15Mb now, but I’ve got a few now.

        I was looking last night and couldn’t find anything but is there a way to delete old saves from the cloud storage facility?

      • There must be, I think you’ll have to go into each save individually, press Triangle, then it should bring up options to Copy, Delete etc… least I hope!!

      • If you have ever played Afrika/Hakuna Matata the save file is 185mb!

      • That was an amazing game, but yeh those save files were monsters. Which is a bit weird since the data it saved was minimal.

        Ah the memories of looking for a bloody dung beatle.

      • I have NEVER played that. But now I am tempted. Dung beatle you say?

      • Dung Beatles, Porcupines, Crocodiles, Cheetahs, and even a fly. There is loads. It’s not really a game as such but pretty good all the same.

      • Thanks, I may give it a whirl! :)

      • I hope Sony increase the capacity soon to it matches what MS are offering for 360 cloud saves – its something like 500mb+

      • PES 2012 killed my save cloud, I (like every other PES player) got an edit file to correct the kits and names – some 600-odd extra files, being one for each shirt, badge, stadium piece editited. It’s just a chore to delete from the cloud now, I’m not sure whether I can be bothered!

      • Ouch. That’s a lot of save files to go through and delete!

      • Yep. Not helped by the XMB interface not allowing you to delete multiple items, (if I remember rightly). It was certainly a real pain in the arse having to copy each file from the USB stick (I’d downloaded the updated PES file on the PC to transfer across) as that had to be done file-by-file too. At times the XMB isn’t the most helpful of interfaces!

      • Yeah Afrika is a fantastic game for wildlife photography lovers. Ha the Dung Beetle was a bloody nightmare to find but eventually I found it on the big open plain.

  4. Marvel Pinball! Sweet!

    • I’ll be downloading that on the 14th.

  5. Im happy with the free game, always wanted to try Tomb Raider out, from the trial last year. So good update overall I think.

    • I think your thinking of Guardians of Light , we get Underworld.

      • There is an Underworld trial too I believe ;)

      • there was a trail for underworld in the first few months of plus if I recall correctly. If it was Guardians of Light it would say Lara Croft ;)

      • Might download it and give my disc away to a newly PS3’d up friend. The lack of value in my PS+ membership is a clear indicator that I spend far too much money on games.

  6. Well another disappointing update, half hoped for some decent content after the pathetic 12 days of Xmas treats promo.

    • The two I’ve seen so far (LBP2 + DLC for just over £20 and Driver for £27) both seemed pretty reasonable to me :)

      • I would say they are a good deal if disc version – but as digital they have no re-sell value and take up space on your HDD. Since U3 and BF3 are down to £25 in certain places this week, it kind of makes them less of a good deal – in my opinion anyway :/

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I got Driver on disk for 14quid last week (amazing little game btw, even if the story is rubbish), I just meant 50% was a pretty sizeable reduction :)

      • Was the discount 50%? Fair enough then. It’s a shame the EU store can’t be altered to suit each country’s market, as I know this is probably a welcome discount in some countries. However in the UK, it’s a no-brainer to buy such games on disc.

        I could be tempted by Driver for £14, but I just bought House of the Dead for £14.99 new from Zavvi yesterday! :)

      • :O Awesome! Have you played Overkill on the Wii before? Such a good game and well worth that price. Hopefully its still that price in the new year when my wallet is (reasonably) full again… ;)

      • Nope, not played any console version of HotD….but need something to used my Move with, and the Arcade was always awesome!

        I always thought about putting £2 in the HotD4 arcade machine, and having akimbo Uzi’s, although I doubt I could have coped with all the zombies solo! :)

    • This. Played the desperately disappointing TR: Underworld when it appeared almost 4 years (yup that’s pretty much the oldest give away so far) ago. Anyone who likes TR will either have it or have played it. Looking forward, however, to Marvel Pinball and would much preferred that to be the main title and TR to be the forgettable mid month “treat” or the far more recent guardians of light to be the + title.

      • Totally agree – I like PS+ for the reasons I’ve stated somewhere above, but in the first instance it was sold to me as Exclusives and New Game Trials….but all the games have been old, or really old. People who spend £6 a month on a subscription aren’t likely to be casual gamers, and are likely to own or have played some of the games that they give away!

        Also, not that they were ever to my taste, but I don’t think I’ve had a demo automatically downloaded in nearly a year.

  7. Glad to hear they are doing a Goldeneye demo. I’ll more than likely buy the game when its sub £20 but its nice to know I can give it a try beforehand. Fingers crossed its a single and multi demo :)

  8. I’m buying a 90 day sub later today to take advantage of the stuff I havn’t played in the 12 gifts promo. Pinball and Tomb Raider is a nice bonus.

  9. hmm, still don’t understand P+ really. Oh well, I have bigger fish to fry like a baby on the way…D’oh !

    • Congrats! :) Though frying babies is generally frowned upon

    • grats on the little ‘un mate, they’re ace fun and a great excuse to act the fool and never grow up :) (If you’ve any already though you know that – so sorry!)

    • thanks chaps lol – hopefully I’ve grown up enough to not try frying the baby. I can’t even fry fish to be honest.

  10. Since getting PS+ i’ve reduced my psn purchases considerably but i’ve still played most of those. In fact i even have the festive dynamic theme.. :O
    I’m looking forward to the new Tomb Raider game, optimistic that it’ll be head and shoulders above TR Underworld.
    Just the Goldeneye demo for me so.

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