Official PS Blog Gets In On “The Last Of Us” Hype

Looks like Sony are in on the whole hype machine for the special PS3 exclusive VGA announcement.

Remember that “The Last Of Us” teaser trailer?  The one with the contamination zone and the crackly footage?  Then there was the kooky looking ant and references to the Cordyceps fungi?


Well, the background to that page has changed – it’s now ‘growth2.jpg’ and – look – the background on the official blog has changed too.  Same filename, or thereabouts.

Whatever’s going on with this particular PS3 exclusive, we’re surprised – like Geoff – that absolutely none of this has leaked out yet.

Here’s the original teaser trailer from a few days back for reference:

Many are guessing Sony Santa Monica are responsible for this one – and, no, it’s not Tony Hawk.




  1. Left4Dead meets State Of Emergency?

  2. Amazed that there are still some secrets in this industry.

  3. Nice… I’m genuinely interested to see how this pans out. Not hyped per-sé, certainly want to know what it is though.

    • My guess is an ant based RPG. Collect leaves, move grubs from danger, fight of enemy ants, collect more leaves, dig some tunnels… That would be THRILlING.

  4. Tony Hawk’s Undead Ant Nightmare? Seems plausible :P
    Everyone is going the zombie way, so maybe Tony got tricked into something.

    Anyways… I’m hyped, and looking forward to all the VGA announcements.

  5. looks to me like either you’re trying to survive some lethal pandemic, or you’re one of the survivors in the aftermath i’m not sure of yet.

    but will it be the currently popular zombie outbreak or a more realistic disease/virus?
    we’ll find out soon enough i guess.

  6. What about that game with the pig and the floating hand Move game thing.

  7. Maybe the twist is you play as those creepy ants.

  8. The biohazard warning sign at 0.05 is 99% confirmation that this is yet another zombie game. My guess is either something L4D/Dead Islandish or Dead Nation/Zombie Apocalypsey.

    • Hopefully a big budget LONG game.
      The PSN does NOT need another zombie game.
      It’s riddled with them,

  9. does anyone remember ant attack from the spectrum days?

    • I had a giant ant type game on the Amiga. Cant for the life of me remember what it was called. It was a first person adventure set in the 60’s as far as I remember….

      • ‘It came from the desert’

        Thank you Wikipedia :)

    • Yeah, Ant Attack by legendary Sandy White, released way back in 1983 on the beloved Speccy. There was a sequel (Zombie Zombie) using the same isometric engine, but I never played this one.

  10. Wonder if this has anything to do with Cliffy B spouting his mouth off about a “Fresh New IP”?

    • Don’t think Epic game would do a exklusive ps3 game when MS have you know alot of money.

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