The Last Of Us Gets Two Screens

Two teaser screens have been released for PlayStation 3 exclusive ‘The Last Of Us’. The first is an unremarkable jungle but the second image of a newspaper stand gives us a few clues.

‘The President addresses a panicked nation as millions more are feared dead or infected’ reads the sub headline and the words ‘New Mexico quarantine fails’ and ‘England latest to declare martial law’.


We’re obviously looking at some sort of viral outbreak that ravages the population but so far there’s no mention of the undead or zombies. Perhaps the game will have a darker, more serious tone than ‘smash zombie in face’.

An extended version of the ‘ant’ trailer can also be found at the website (which appears to have crashed at the moment).




  1. I hope it’s not yet another zombie game as we seem to have an outbreak of zombie games this year. If it is, it had better be the slow, hard as hell to kill ones. Not the dead but can still run despite the fact that their ankles would snap zombies.

    It would be interesting if it is in the style of the walking dead or 28 days later. I hope usuable items will be serverely limited thus forcing you to plan your attacks very carefully or leg it.

    • Speaking of walking dead, I watched the mid-season finale last night. WOW!

      • Is it on British TV? And is that season 2? Only seen season one and loved it.

  2. Another zombie-like/infection survival game? I’ll avoid this like the plague!

  3. ‘jungle’? ‘HAZE 2’ lol

  4. I watched the Ant trailer again and near the end there is a (alien, creature?) noise and a woman screaming.
    An alien invasion survival horror game?
    That would be awesome. If there were no guns and you had to run and hide from them whenever they find you.(Move compatible?)
    Probably not that…
    Oh well, i’ll keep dreaming with this kind of game.

  5. Curious, but good way to build hype and interest.

  6. I’m hoping that there are no zombies involved, but just some pissed off virus. Freaky mutants could be cool though.

  7. The ant footage featured in the teasers is from this episode of Planet Earth
    It features a fungus called Cordyceps which infects insects & kills them before growing out of their bodies to spread its spores.

    So what remains to be seen is whether the infected mutate into a kind of zombie-like state, or whether the infected just die & the game is more about a breakdown in civilisation.

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