Unit 13 Screenshots

Sony has fired over a couple of new screenshots for PS Vita launch title, Unit 13.

The game features six soldiers who can fight over thirty six missions in a battle to stop terrorists from from getting the Horn.


Horn of Africa, that is. It’s a peninsula on the east of Africa.

You can read our preview of the game by gently caressing this link with your mouse.

Source: Press Release



  1. Uh uh, it’s set in Africa. Get ready for all the idiots screaming ‘RACIST RACIST RACIST!!!111!!1!’ like they did with Resi 5. *roll eyes*

  2. Excited. Probably going to be my first vita purchase.

  3. Looks pretty good. I’m not a Socom fan, but who knows, I might give it a try.

  4. Sounds a bit generic. I wonder how long it will be before the It’s set in Africa so therefore it’s racist crowd will rear their head?

    It looks good graphically and has given me an idea of what to expect from the Vita. :)

  5. This is looking good. Likely to bea first day buy for me.

  6. Looking forward to this. I was surprised how much I enjoyed SOCOM this year so it’s a bite sized ‘on-the-move’ version of that… I’m in.

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