Norwegian Retailer Warns of Unit 13 Bug Which “Stops the Machine”

Norway’s largest multimedia retailer, SpaceWorld, has issued a warning on their Facebook page. The cautionary notice is for customers who have somehow got early access to the Vita’s third person shooter, Unit 13.

The game isn’t due for release for another couple of weeks (March 7th) but the warning was posted this morning. It’s unclear whether they mean the full game or the PSN Store demo which is currently available.


It is also unclear just how permanent this “stopping” might be. Is this just a reappearance of the standby bug we saw before the firmware updates (which seem to have fixed that issue for us) or is it something more serious?

Here’s the translation, kindly provided by TSA member GhostViper:


We just got notification from the supplier of the PS VITA in Norway that one should not start Unit 13 game on their PS VITA as this stops the machine.

Message: “If you have received Unit 13 to the PS Vita, do not start it. We have discovered two cases of bugs that stop the machine. Therefore, do not start Unit 13 until we have received the order to the problem.

Source: Facebook, thanks GhostViper

Update: it’s the full game. It locks up your Vita (it won’t install) until you do a database rebuild. Alex (see comment below) had this problem and it deleted his Virtua Tennis 4 save game and install.



  1. Love the over excited start to the message!

  2. Yes. Had this problem last night – totally crashed my Vita and deleted my entire Virtua Tennis save game and install.

    • Was it Unit 13 that did that as that sounds quite nasty that one game can affect anothers games files

      • Yep, 99% sure it was. Once the DB rebuild was done all my icons were all over the place and VT4 was gone.

      • Nasty, lets hope they can prevent that kind of thing in future – if I got close to the platinum in Ninja Gaiden and then lost my saves I think i’d end up a raving nut-case.

    • Had same problem had to hold the power button down for 30 secs and get into the safe mode.

      • All i had was the playstation button blinking blue.

  3. Ouch, that’s a shame I was really impressed by the demo. Guess I’ll wait and hope that the bug is fixed before the 7th!

  4. To clarify, this is from the cartridge, not the code. Code works fine.

    • What you mean? The PSN version of Unit 13 works fine?

  5. Is this maybe why the release date slipped to March?

    • Release date was never anything except March

      • The release date was originally Feb 22nd.

      • Prettty sure they confirmed in a reply on the EU blog that it was a mistake to set it among the launch day games. I don’t think it really was the plan to have it as a launch day game officially at least.

      • I thought it was originally a launch title too!

      • The release date was originally the 22nd yep; caused a bit of confusion when I was putting together the launch guide!

  6. I had the demo of unit 13 lock my vita up. Same thing happen to my mate. It didnt delete anything though, just had to do a restart.

  7. @Pesico yep, PSN download is fine, cartridge is not.

    • I don’t understand that.
      Surely if one works the other works.
      The code is the same, right?

      • One is installed and read from the memory card, one is installed and read on the cartridge.

  8. Nice Norwegian skills.

    • Den stopper visstnok hele jævla maskinen.

      I’m somewhat skeptical to the statement that Spaceworld is Norway’s largest multimedia retailer, though.

      • I’d never heard of them but that’s what Google told me!

      • They are not, for any reasonable definition of largest. You probably got their own marketing when you giggled googled them.

  9. @colmshan1990 the game, sure, but it’s at the install stage where it fails mate.

    • Oh, I get it.
      I got mixed up between Vita and PS3 type installs.
      Wonder how (or if) they can fix it.

  10. I hope this is just a one-off issue with just Unit 13, rather than more of a Vita problem. Is it even possible to patch the game before it’s been installed from the mem card?

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