Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer Results

Last night, 20 men entered the brutal arena that is Uncharted Treasure Bearer, until we could whittle it down to just a single winner.

The reigning champion, Goodgoa had breezed through to the 4th round with Party 2, where both parties would face off against one another, and accompanying him were Teflon, Jakster, Marper and Cnutard, following quite an exciting tussle in Three Team Deathmatch that ran to overtime!

On the other side of the fence, Party 1 had a rather troubled lobby (lag and instability, rearing their ugly heads), but managed to bring through Origami Killer, NazzyQ, MitchJay92, Bodachi and Topgearsam, as they too saw their TTDM match go into overtime, with all three teams finishing within just a handful of kills.

Before we get going with this brief report, I just want to say thank you to everyone that took part. I hope you all had fun despite the odd, and rather inevitable, network hiccups!

Team Deathmatch – City of Brass

So we’ll start things off with the two parties facing off in the penultimate round. The two parties faced off against one another to eliminate a player from both one last time. Teflon and NazzyQ struck the first blows for each of their teams as the opening exchanges were very closely matched. Quickly, though, Goodgoa started to boss the show, zipping past 5 kills in a matter of moments, and keeping his team level pegging with some strong opposition until his team could get into gear.

It was neck and neck until, at the 40 kills each, people choked. In the last few minutes Marper and Cnutard didn’t score any kills, whilst Goodgoa, Teflon and Jakster suddenly became near unstoppable, taking 10 kills in quick succession. Party 1 almost completely stopped, adding just a couple kills to reach 41. Party 2 hit the 50 mark and the end of the game fast approached.

Just slightly adrift at the bottom of each team were Topgearsam and Cnutard, both on 6 kills, and both just a bit of luck away from going through to the finals.

Free For All – The Chateau

In Free For All you have to start very quickly, and Teflon did just that. Right after spawning he came across three opponents and took some early kills to take the lead. Very briefly, that is, as the next person he came across was Goodgoa, who put him down for his third kill. At this early stage they were the only two people to have scored.

It didn’t last long, as people respawned, and some more kills suddenly flooded in, and Mitchjay killed Goodgoa to start his little run to 4 kills. That gave him a brief stint in joint lead with Goa and Tef, before a bit of a dry patch.

Luckily for him, the scores didn’t progress very far, as now Marper and Origami Killer had their own moments to close the gap up to Goa and Tef, who were still tied for the lead but definitely in reach. The blistering pace continued as Goodgoa was the first to break the 10 kill barrier, and in less than 3 minutes!

Arrayed behind him were Teflon, Marper and Mitch all on 8 kills each, and Goa looked like he might cruise away to a win, as he extended his lead. Teflon and Mitch both stalled, but wait, what was this?

Goodgoa got completely stuck on 14 kills, and Marper started to rake them in just at the right time! A whole host of kills saw Marper the first to 15, and after that pushed on to 17 kills. Goodgoa made a good go of catching him up, but wasn’t quite able to make it happen, quite fittingly being Marper’s final kill, after a bit of side stepping in a doorway.

So we have a new champion!

Congratulations are in order for Marper, with Goodgoa a fairly close second. The battle for 3rd was also very close, with Teflon just holding off Origami Killer and Mitch for the honours at the end.

You may notice from the scoreboard that Marper and Goodgoa both have the same clan tag, B-D. Which neatly brings me to the idea of starting up the Uncharted clan once again. We had some good times (mainly horrendous defeats, mind) in Uncharted 2, and I’d love to have some more! More good times that is, not more defeats.

So, keep an eye out, and I’ll come up with a cunning plan. In the meantime, I hope to see you all (every last one of you) at the Uncharted 3 meet this Saturday evening.


  1. Weldome everyone.

    • Not sure if trying to say “welcome” or “well done” =_=
      Congratulations to the winner! :D

    • Weldome. Have some pojts!!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I did put in a somewhat pitiful performance. After seeing Goodgoa play the first few matches I knew it was never going to in my reach anyhow.

    Apologies for the mic spam towards the end of the City of Brass round. I thought I had it on mute, lol.

    Cheers for hosting Teflon and congratulations Marper.

  3. Was a good evening, even if I did get knocked out in the second lot of eliminations. Still, it meant my wife got the TV back afterwards and I avoided a horrible beating. ;)

  4. Embarrassed at my performance last night – I pledge to get a hell of a lot better for the next one !! I need to learn what it is that makes Marper and Goodgoa (and the rest of them) so devilishly good and quick at kills, is it just practise, or is it a little tip I’m not yet aware of… Time will tell!
    Well done to everyone in the final round especially.

    • Oh – And of course thank you to TSA and Teflon for putting on such a fun competition, more please!

  5. Congrats to the winner, close run to third place. Some great battles in the TTDM!

  6. Was gonna step in when Tef advertised a free slot. If someone has a recording of the TDM in Brass City send it over please (Teabag_Titan.)

    • Well you should have done! There was a space left in Party 1 still…

      I will send you EVERYTHING! Or just that one, I guess.

      Special project?

  7. I really enjoyed the tournament and am happy to have reached the final round! Love to play again soon sometime!

  8. Was good fun, well done all and thank you. Here’s my story.

    I’ve never played on the map we did TD on, and then (as silly as it sounds) I’ve never played Plunder….not kidding. After spending half the match killing people and wondering why I wasn’t getting points (I was getting better though, more kills than TD) I realised you only get points for actually Plunding. Funny that. Nabbed a point right at the death. Such a plank :(

    • For Plunder it was kills, with 3 bonus kills for capturing the treasure. So, killing shed loads would’ve put you through.

      Thanks for coming along and playing, of course!

      • Damn it. I kept looking at the score board and wondering why it said zero! I wasn’t killing loads by any means, but more than I did in deathmatch!

  9. Sigh. Played so awful on FFA

    • at least you made FFA, i played awful throughout and ended up going out a three team deathmatch

  10. We all know I’d have won back my title if I’d entered ;)

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