Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Gets Debut Trailer

After weeks of speculation, the debut trailer for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has gone live. It seems that darkness has taken over the world, and good old Alan is out to stop it, using light as a weapon.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. Alan Wake was quite something. I’ve always bought Xboxes for Splinter Cell, which have always been of superior quality on that platform. Indeed, SC:Conviction was a factor in me getting a 360, but after playing the demo I’ve still yet to buy it. Another inspiration was Alan Wake and it justified my purchase of a 360 within about the first 20 minutes of gameplay. It’s easily one of the most atmospheric gamess I have ever played and it’s beautiful to boot. Can’t wait for the sequel. It doesn’t look as polished as the first, and the story doesn’t seem to continue that from the first from watching the trailer. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

    • Have you played the DLC? After that i expect nothing but utterly horrible.

  2. Alan Wake is the best exclusive game on the 360 (IMO) and a gem that was sadly overlooked (as are all exclusives on the 360 if they don’t include the words Halo, Gears or Forza).

    Very interested in this, just wish it was a full disk based game and not this episodic download business.

  3. Thought this looked brilliant, not sure it’s enough to buy a 360 for though.

    • I’d say that this game and Gears makes a 360 worth owning if you have the excess money and don’t mind buying a console for 2 game series.
      However when it comes to the punch those 2 games can’t compete with the exclusive line-up offered on the PS3 so it if were between one console and the other it’s really a no contest.

      All in my opinion and spoken from my tastes and impressions from owning both consoles of course.

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