Meet the Reader: Lee-ma

As a reward for his outstanding driving skills in the F1 2011 Championship, today we get to meet Lee-ma! 


So, I’m sure you already know the first trio of questions. Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

I’m Lee McLaughlin, I’m 19 and I am from Suffolk!

Now, your username makes it sound like you’re a Lemur, but you’re not are you? Where does it come from?

Haha, you’re right it does sound like Lemur, its just a mash up between Lee and the way you say my second name.

How did I not see that?

I would never know! I think my friends were also thinking I look like a lemur…

Well, I’ll judge when I’ve got you to send me a picture for the top of this interview. We’ll get to your ridiculous driving prowess shortly, but how did you first get into gaming?

Well I love motorsport & football, so I guess it started by playing old racing games & the FIFA games, and just sort of lead on from there really.

I never had a PS1, so I used to play the old EA F1 games and FIFA on the PC instead.

A PC boy! Was it bought so you could do “homework” on it?

Oh yes! How wrong were they?

Was it just the FIFAs and F1s, or did you sneak in some 18 rated shooters to the mix too? When did you make the jump and first get a console?

It didn’t really bother me playing 18 rated shooters till I got the PS3. I sound like a right old goody two shoes don’t I! I think my first console was the Gamecube closely followed by the PS2.

How did you feel the GC stacked up against the PS2? Did you enjoy Nintendo’s core franchises?

I really enjoyed playing the GC, loved playing the Mario games, but then I discovered Gran Turismo…

OK, I guess now’s a good point to ask about your racing prowess. were you bitten by a radioactive car?

Yes, and I never been the same since.

So that’s your secret to being so fast? You obviously must have a racing wheel plugged in…

I only purchased a wheel in September so I guess that one of the reasons why I was competitive in the F1 championship.

After taking a couple of weeks to getting used to it, I could feel the improvement from a gamepad. It gives a more precise way of driving and I felt I could be more consistent with it. It’s a beast!

Did you just get the fairly standard Driving Force GT?

No, I went all the way and got a Logitech G27.

I get what you mean when you say it’s a beast!

Haha, definitely!

We’re at the point where I ask you what your favourite all time game is and why?

Hmm, tough question. I think for me it’s a coin toss between Gran Turismo 4 and TOCA Race driver 3 on the PS2.

What makes it such a close call?

I’m not sure, I remember enjoying those two games a lot, and it’s been a long time since I’ve played them.

I’ll let you off the hook if you now tell me what your favourite non-racing game is?

Then it has to be FIFA!

Damn you. OK, favourite non-driving and non-sports game? I don’t think you can weasel out of this one now…

Haha, OK. Umm, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Good choice. I don’t think too many people would still pick a CoD game as their favourite, but it’s certainly right up there. Now for my personal favourite question. What’s the most embarrassing game you’ve played?

Haha, just give me second…

Are you running away?

What’s that game with the Pets & PS eye?

Eyepet? I’ve never tried it, is it fun?

Yeah! It’s fun for about 30 seconds, really. I don’t have it anymore, which I think is for the best…

Fair enough. Finally, before we move along, what’s been your game of the year?

I haven’t played it much, but I think I will go with with Battlefield 3.

You should play it more. It’s one of those games where you can’t really get much out of it until you’ve dropped 10 hours, minimum. I think I’ve spent about that long just waiting for and flying around in jets.

Yeah, I’m not very patient and I’m not very good at it, then I get all frustrated which my PA (CarBoyCam) will tell you!

Mucking around in jets is fun, even if you suck.

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  1. Nice to meet you Lee! Was fun having that one practice against you couple of weeks ago, someone has the need for speed!

  2. Howdy fella

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