Meet the Reader: Lee-ma

When and how did you first come across TSA?

It was in April 2011, when Cam told me he was entering a tournament on GT5, and asked if I was interested.

Straight to the competitions! Have you enjoyed them?

Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed them, although I think the GT5 tourney was blighted by my “brilliant” rural connection though!

I seem to remember you getting dropped connections quite a lot, but now you’re obviously our new TSA F1 Champion!

Oh yes!

Given how you enjoyed such dominance throughout, I have to ask, were the rest of us simply not quick enough?

No, not at all! Firstly, 5 of the 6 tracks picked for the group stage were personal favourites of mine, so I knew I could be strong for those races. Then I think all the close battles right down the field had people losing a lot of time, and that helped give me breathing space at the front.

That was definitely the case for the final, as my three closest rivals, Jambo, Manor and Ash, all lost a lot of time fighting, and gave me a clear run to the flag. It would’ve been a lot tighter if I’d been dragged into that scrap too!

So, you’ve been around on TSA for a little more than half a year. What front page features have you enjoyed most?

I just enjoy reading the game reviews you provide.

I think that’s the first time someone’s said that! A real back-to-basics approach.

Simple things for simple minds….

It’s for the best, then. Are there any TSAers who you’d like to meet in real life? Some of the other racing nuts have suggested a day of karting, even!

Oh yeah, definitely all the guys from GT5 and F1. It’s always a friendly atmosphere with the guys!

Awesome. Well, lets set a date. How’s the 14th of January sound? Only kidding. Moving away from TSA and gaming for a little while, what are your passions and hobbies out in the Real World?

Well as you already know, I have a huge love for watching motorsport! I also play five a side football weekly and watch my beloved Ipswich Town FC around the country.

You’re part of the travelling fans? I don’t know what the proper term is!

Haha, I haven’t been to as many away days as regularly as I would have liked recently but yeah always good to part of ITFC Barmy Army on the away days!

Give us some example football chants! Preferably something specific to ITFC?

I’m not sure some are appropriate.

Are none of them safe for work?

Well the good ones aren’t!

I’m sure you could substitute the rude words with such awesome replacements as “wotsit” and “fiddlesticking”…

“Oh Jimmy Bullard, your the love of my life,
Oh Jimmy Bullard, I’d let you snag my wife,
Oh Jimmy Bullard, I want your curly hair tooooo….”

That’s fantastic!

I love it!

Do you listen to the OMM Podcast?

No I dont, I dont know a lot about it.

Oh well, I guess I won’t be able to ask you the Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother question if you don’t really know the three hosts!

Oh right, sorry!

It’s completely your fault, but I forgive you!


Well, I’m afraid we’re at the end of our interview, but do you have any final words for the readers that made it this far?

Not really no.

Seriously, though, if anyone wants a game on PS3 of something then add Lee-ma!

Thanks to Lee for agreeing to do this interview. Now we all know our F1 Champ just that little bit better!

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  1. Great read. Nice to meet you Lee. And I really think we should do the TSA Karting!

    • 14th of Jan? Yeah??

      • I’d love to join in some real life Karting! Given up on racing on the PS3 with Lee. :P

        Great read, and Lee said he didn’t refer to me as his PA! Liar!!!!

      • 15th?

      • Can’t do the 15th. I’m washing my hair.

      • Ah, your yearly bath is on the 15th?! Bummer.

  2. Lovely read, guys. Don’t know Lee-ma too well and this was a great way to sort that little problem out. Top news about the driving skills. Most of TSA will be looking to string you up over the coming months, I’m sure. :-)

  3. All I know is he absolutely battered me in the FIFA league that degenerated into nothingness.

  4. Good to meet you Lee.
    The online part of GT5 must have something against people who live in rural areas as I also had a lot of connection issues during the TSA comp.

  5. Always a pleasure to race against you Lee, and as you mentioned the wheel does make a heck of a difference, even my basic DFGT ;)

    Do you get to use Manors “Driving God” tag now?
    *cough…gets coat*

    • No! Don’t take away the precious!!!

      • It’s ok Manor, u can keep the tag … for now ;)

      • It’ll never happen mate, you have been Driving God since I can remember, winning the most tournaments and Time Trials on four wheels since 2008! ;)

  6. nice to know a little more about the newbies in TSA =)*waves*

    and u beat Manor in a racing game! u must have some wack skills cause i know its not easy to beat that man in a racing game (even though i won against him in Modnation but that is totally different than F1 who is more of a “realistic” game) :P

  7. I feel cool because we have the same first name :3
    No, but seriously, nice to meet you, Lee-Ma!

  8. Always fun racing against Lee. Although I wish he would slow the feck down sometimes. ;)

  9. There are other people who live in Suffolk?

  10. Good to learn a bit more about you! This karting needs organising, ‘for sure’.
    With the driving god thing its interesting that in the 5 TSA racing tournaments In the past year, There’s been 5 different winners. Great to see we have a big talent pool here at TSA!

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