Prepare for War With This Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Trailer

Do you hear that sound? It’s Tuffcub jumping up and down at the sight of this, the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer.

I must admit, it does get the blood pumping! The game is due out in “Fall 2012”.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. Zoids please? :D

    • YES!

      Good call, there really needs to be an awesome reboot of the Zoids games, I would prefer one set in the New Century universe, with a mix of fighting in the official matches and fighting the evil Back-draft(?) group.

      Although an open world attempt at an action/RPG in the Chaotic Century could also be awesome, just harder to pull off imo.

      Man Zoids are awesome :D

    • Zoids movie in the works. But I didnt tell you that.

      • I am very excited over the news that you didn’t tell me. Thankyou very much for not telling me. :)

    • yes please! lol

  2. Me Kenny want gameplay!

  3. Awesome trailer. Grimlock!

    Hope the game lives up to the awesomeness of the PS2 Transformers game, with Grimlock they’ve already got a huge (literally) advantage.

  4. Never played a Transformers game but that looks quite good. Definately one to watch. Anyone know the name of the song used though?

  5. It has Grimlock?! Who do I give money to?

  6. Amazing , definitely a game to look out for if you enjoyed wfc

  7. Mind. F***ing. Blown. Look, hears a piece of my brain which went right through the back of my head onto the wall behind me….If need be I shall take Teflon hostage to host a competiton on this game….

  8. kick ass.

  9. this looks AWESOME!

  10. Dinobots! Glad this get a sequel :D

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