The Amazing Spiderman Joins The Debut Trailer Club

Like Spiderman? Like robots? Like the idea of Spiderman beating up rogue robots on the streets of New York? Then it sounds like the first trailer for the upcoming game tie-in for The Amazing Spiderman might be right up your street.

The game’s in development at Beenox, the team behind the recent Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time games, and is due out next year.

Source: YouTube



  1. Buildings look dull and square as legos, and I’d rather see Neil Patrick Harris beat up some classic enemies (Batman Arkham-style) then a bunch of robots. ME3 already has that covered.

  2. Good that it’s not following the movie plot, might at least give it a chance at survival.

  3. i sense a lot of QTEs :(

    • a spidey sense you might say. ^_^

  4. As the biggest Spiderman fan ever this looks shite…

    • agreed

    • I could argue the biggest Spider-man ever statement, but I’m with you all the way on how this game looks…. A piece inside me screams and dies in disgust every time I see that new costume too… Really not looking forward to any of this new (Amazing)Spidey stuff.

  5. If this is an open world title then I’ll at least give it a chance. I don’t think Spiderman should be as linear as Beenox have portrayed him recently.

  6. Ah, generic robots. Dullest of all man’s creations.

    • After generic bald male protagonist with scars and stubbles of course.

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