Deadmau5 ‘Loses’ His Vita, ‘Finds’ It Again, Sony PR Does A Fist Pump

It’s not enough to have your celebrity endorsements tweeting that they’ve got your latest, currently unavailable to the rest of the population, super shiny device.  No, bloggers won’t touch that anymore – said celeb has to do something different.

[drop2]Like lose it.  As, in the case of DJ/producer Deadmau5 this weekend over at the VGAs.


“F*CK! I left my PSP Vita in a fuckin cab, calling cab company and they say they have like 500 dispatched now,” he said in a suspiciously enigmatic Tweet.  “Gunna be a long night… :(”

He followed up with a few more attention grabbing comments.

Apparently that Vita was the only “f*cking demo unit outside of Sony’s walls” and was a special, developer only console with a HDMI port and – I assume – the ability to play unfinished, unsigned code.

Everyone panicked, lots of people were talking about the Vita.  PR win.

And then, as if by magic, it’s found.  Well, not by magic, by science, because Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, never actually lost it at all.  “I just wanted to see how much management would freak out over it, trolololol,” he said.

Yeah, right.

At least Yoshida weighed in with what we were all thinking. “Somehow what @deadmau5 did reminds me of @davidscottjaffe…,” he tweeted.

Deadmau5 has contributed tracks to an upcoming Vita game, but his tweets didn’t mention it, so I can’t remember which.  Sorry, Joel. ;)

The Vita’s out next weekend in Japan, and in February over here.



  1. I didn’t like Deadmau5 to begin with, this hasn’t helped matters.

  2. Slow news day already!

  3. Whatever what game it is would likely be avoided again, hate this guy….. oh wait damn it >.> its Wipeout.

  4. Right, that’s a few times recently I’ve heard deadmau5, this feels like a conspiracy, everyone’s in on something I’m not! Someone care to explain who/what this is?

  5. “lots of people were talking about the Vita. PR win” – Just like this post ;)

  6. Deadmau5 is an attention whore but I like some of his music. If his music makes it into WipEout I’ll be happy.

    • Yeah, this is a little disappointing

  7. Hes a tool. I hope he actually loses it now and it ends up in my hands by a series of very fortunate events.

  8. Everyone should watch his DanceStar Video, credibility ruined. It is however, a great game!

  9. His PS Vita in exchange for some Twitter dramatisation. Money is a bastard :P

  10. What a knob. Having said that I guess it is probably a good way to reach a different market of consumers.

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