WeView: Dead Space 2

As this is the last WeView of the year I thought we’d take things all the way  back to the beginning of 2011 and look at Dead Space 2. With the game coming out all the way back in January it seems like one of those games that’s easily overlooked at the end of the year, one that you could easily have forgotten came out this year in the twelve long months since (well eleven months really but that doesn’t sound as impressive).

Now, I know that many love Dead Space 2 but I couldn’t really get on with it. Perhaps that’s partially because I didn’t actually find it all that scary. I mean don’t get me wrong, there were moments early on where the game made me jump but it never really feels tense in the way a really great horror title does. The overuse of jump scares just made it pretty obvious for me when a necromorph beasty was going to try and brutally murder you, it was rare that I really felt the game build by simply not having a necromorph come at you when you thought one would.

Of course things would be pretty dull if we all agreed, and we were a lot more positive about the Isaac Clarke’s second outing in our review. We scored it a very respectable 9/10 and had this to say about it:

Dead Space 2, continuing directly after the first game, marks continued effort from Visceral and, likewise, support from EA.  New IPs should be applauded when they’re of this kind of calibre  – expertly produced, genuinely innovative and, if you’re prepared to do several run-throughs, great value for money.  Naturally, those that didn’t really get on with the first Dead Space will find that little (literally) has changed save for the location and a richer sense of characterisation, but for those of us that adored Clarke’s first adventure this sequel represents everything we could have wished for: it’s bigger, better and more beautiful but without straying from the core principles that mapped out the former.

So there’s two opinions on the game, lets have some more shall we? More specifically lets have yours. If you feel like sharing your thoughts on Dead Space 2 then all you have to do is just drop it in the comments below. Remember, the aim is to create short, snappy views of the game, although we won’t discount longer opinions of the game.

Once you’ve written your opinion remember to score the game on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale so we can count up everyone’s scores and give the community’s verdict of the title. If you want your score to count you’ll need to have it in by Sunday afternoon, otherwise the verdict article will have been written.



  1. Probably my favourite game this year – will try and contribute to this, time allowing.

    • Oh, we’re writing them here instead of the forums now. Ok, here goes:

      In summary, fairly different to the isolated experience of the first game (more characters/locations etc), and perhaps DS2 loses a bit of it’s atmosphere as a result. Due to this it was not prefered by many, but for me it added a bit more action (and meant I could play more than an hour or so without being too scared or tense). Two things that stick out for me – firstly is how the game flows, it is not divided – as one chapter ends another begins – ZERO loading screens. It really helps to keep you immersed. Cut scenes seemlessly blend into the gameplay, using the same superb graphics. I beleive there is only 1 section in the whole game where the experience is cut by a black screen to another place, (between chapters 12-13 with the digger). Secondly is the lack of HUD and integration of your ammo/health count into the suit and weapons themselves. Although not different from DS1, you have a completely clear screen allowing you to be fully immersed into the game – the best way to play a game of this genre.

      Controls have been tweaked and the awkward map has been replaced by a simple route guideline. The sound is still excellent, and the many, many set pieces keep the game exciting and fresh. The story is reasonable, not incredibly exciting but not boring either.

      The multiplayer was not great in my opinion, but feel this was only a pressurised add-on, since people seem to demand a multiplayer element to most games these days. The DLC was short, but decent. Shame it repeated some of the locations.

      Buy It – especially since it’s very cheap.

  2. BUY IT
    One of the best horror/scary moments in gaming history…. (Never played Siren Curse thingy)
    Dead Space is my favourite and Issac Clark is a fantastic character.
    All I really have to say is… When I completed the 1st Dead Space it blew my mind absolutely fantastic game style and the plot is brilliant keeps on your toes. The sound/music was the most part that got me hooked! When I first got Dead Space 2 on luanch, I went shoppping to buy 5 pairs of Y-fronts, god knows how many times I sh***** my pants at Dead Space.

    Fantastic scary game perfect at this time of month, when the evenings are dark, and if you have surround system, please do crank up the volume =D
    Amazing atmosphere in Dead Space.

    BUY IT

  3. For me, the game at first was good but it lacked something special. I the replayed it on hardcore mode (3 saves only) and found it’s special ‘something’. The sense of somethings coming and if it catches and kills you there will be a cost.

    You start to be on edge towards the end of the game as your last save was 3 hours ago and you just have wave after wave of necros. Then you get the eyeball scene…….you try doing that knowing you’d loose hours of work put into this game!

    Then of course he final boss and the

    • Stupid phone.
      Then of course the final boss and final section only make you feel worse! But the relief when its finished! One of my best gaming moments and would honestly recommend people try it just for the experience!

      So my verdict is 100% buy it!

  4. I really enjoyed this one. At first I wasnt overly keen on it because it it felt like it had lost the atmosphere of loneliness of the first (I’ll still stick by that too). But after playing more into it, it grew on me. some of the set pieces were fantastic! and the environments were a lot more varied and imaginative than the first. the main letdown to the game for me was the multiplayer (and this is a very unfair and oppinionated point). i only played aboout 2 or 3 games and i was only the Necromorphs. It was so unballanced, the humans would win a one-on-one every time. i think if i’d given it a bit more of a chance then i could’ve appreciated it a bit more. my fault really.
    it was this series that got me into 3rd person games. after this i decided i’d give Uncharted a go as i’d never been interested in it before. and of course, i loved it!

    Ist it better thant Dead Space 1? Yes, because it looks really pretty, the story was pleasing and they really expanded on weapons, use of kinesis and the varied environments.
    But also no because it lost the atmospheric “lost in space all alone, and i’m doomed!” feel to it which made such a big impact on me in DS1 which reminded me of when i first watched Event Horizon.
    A great game and Definately worth a Buy It!

    • forgot to say, the awesome addition of DS Extraction on the disk. only played the first level but with a Platinum called “Man Up Sweetheart” it has got to be added to the collection!

  5. I didn’t get on with DS2 yet i loved the first one. RENT IT.

  6. Good game, but not as enjoyable or scary as the first outing – Rent it.

    • Agree with both you and TSBonyman. A sequel that isn’t as scary, suspenseful or enjoyable as its predecessor and crams in a crummy multiplayer mode? Rent it.

  7. Outstanding!

  8. Bargain Bin it. Not as suspensful or involving as the first but worth playing.

  9. Quoted from my original review:

    “Dead Space 2 is a terrific game and very much worth your investment. The terrific gameplay and moody atmosphere from the original Dead Space are still very much present here, but the inclusion of Isaac’s psychological horrors take this game to the next level. The multiplayer component is also a nice bonus and is pretty enjoyable when played in short-bursts. The lack of maps and modes is a shame [however]. In short, if you love horror games/films, this is about as good as it comes. Go buy it!”

  10. Buy it.

    Though it doesn’t do the atmosphere quite as well as the first game, and it’s lost a lot of the mystery, it is still a superb game. There are some awesome set-pieces and the game looks gorgeous. Gruesome too, some of those death animations make me queasy :/

    I love the Dead Space games and while this may not top the first, it sure does give it a good run for its money. Speaking of money, you should be spending yours. On this. Now. Buy It.


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