Sonic CD Out Today, Gets Launch Trailer

2011 is the year that just keeps on giving. Despite nearly being Christmas, there are still good games coming out, and Sonic fans will be pleased to hear that Sonic CD will be out within the next two days for most people.

Check out the list below:


XBLA – December 14, 2011 (400 MSP)

PSN – December 14, 2011 in Europe, December 20, 2011 in North America ($5.00 / £3.59/ €4.49 / AUD$6.25)

iOS – (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) – December 15, 2011 ($4.99/ € 3.99/£2.99/AUD$5.49)

Android – December 14, 2011

Windows Phone – Early 2012

PC – date coming soon!

There’s also a launch trailer to enjoy.

Source: SEGA Blog



  1. I may have dreamt this but I think Xperia PLAY owners are getting Sonic CD for free.

  2. My son will love this. He’s mad for Sonic at the moment.

  3. W get it before the US? nice! it’s allways a rare surprise when that happens!

  4. And as soon as it is out on “most platforms”, we’re going to get some info on Sonic 4: Episode II. That coms from the ‘brand manager’ of Sonic 4.

  5. Now we just need Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles on the PSN!

  6. Never had the chance to play this before. Will definitely get it over the holidays.

  7. Can go wrong for £3.59! Presume it will have trophies too.

    Will it have that annoying box around it, like Sonic Adventure?

    • It probably will have that box, as it would probably be called ‘Sonic CD HD’ (or something) otherwise wouldn’t it?

      If it’s practically a direct port (with trophies added), i would expect to see the box tbh.

      • It actually doesn’t have the border, I was somewhat surprised. They’ve ported this really well.

    • You can make it full screen though

  8. Ooh, cheaper than i thought it would be! :D

    Question is, do i take the plunge at the risk of sullying the memories of the game that i have or leave it in the past to preserve the memory?


    • I played the original not long ago, and it’s still a lot of fun. Although in all fairness, I’m a huge fan of the original 2D series. For that price, it’s worth checking out for sure.

  9. Wow, that’s a great price!

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