Sunday Thoughts: Anticipation

At this time of year, there’s a lot to look forward to. At least, for those of us brought up in the pervasive western cultural traditions. Christmas is just around the corner, with all of the over indulgence, celebration and relaxation it can offer. I know I’m looking forward to a little time when I don’t have to think too much about writing or editing features and schedules and photoshopping images.

[drop2]At the time of writing, I’ve still got at least eleven and probably more like eighteen features to write before the end of the year. I’ve got banner images to create for the remaining top 50 in our Top 100 of 2012 and other images and graphics to make up for everything else. That’s all to keep the website constantly refreshed so that there’s at least something new on it each day for people to read. And it’s not including whatever coverage we can pull together when our import PS Vitas, currently winging their way from Japan, arrive at our doors.

There’s another cause for anticipation – the PlayStation Vita. It’s out in Japan, as of yesterday, and it’ll be in our shops at the end of February. I’m sure there are several of you who are looking forward to that, I know I can hardly wait for mine to arrive. It’s not really the games I’m most looking forward to though, it’s the device itself. I’m most anticipating playing with the interface and the features. Beyond those hideously ugly icons I think there will be some quite lovely little design touches and animations. I’m a bit of a geek for all of that kind of stuff.


I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the few photographs I’ve seen taken with the Vita’s cameras so I’ll enjoy having a play with that function and comparing to the really quite excellent camera on my iPhone.

Most of all, at this time of year, I look forward to other people’s enjoyment though. I love giving gifts and I like when everyone is in a cheerful mood. I can’t wait to share the results of our Game of the Year with you, show you the conclusion of our Top 100 of 2012 and see what you think of the slightly-less-terrible-than-expected podcast rap that you guys wrote, Lewis, Kev and myself performed, and Tuffcub is currently producing.

We’ve also got another game awards feature in the pipeline for early January that is slightly more interesting (to me, at least) than all of the traditional Game of the Year awards. We’ve invited several of our friends from the freelance arena or other websites to join some of TSA’s editorial staff in awarding games based on their creative or artistic merit rather than the more traditional platform, genre and technical aspects that everyone usually focusses on.

So there’s a lot to look forward to, generally, and we’re hoping that you’ll join us in anticipating some of the features we’ve got lined up for the holiday period and beyond. Christmas is going to be an exciting time for TSA and 2012 could be a very interesting year for the videogame scene too, with the Vita’s release and an E3 that just might see some new hardware announcements. We’ve got a lot to look forward to.



  1. “We’ve got a lot to look forward to”

    Unless the world ends of course… & it has to be true, i saw it in a film.

  2. It’s Christmas!

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