Top 100 of 2012: 50-46 – Ruin, Paper Mario and Street Fighter X Tekken

So here we are, the halfway point. Fifty in and fifty games left to go. It might still be a long way off but the end is starting to come into sight. We couldn’t have got here without the fifty games that have gone before though, and if you missed the last five before the halfway mark then you should probably slide over here quickly.

50 Ruin

You may well remember Ruin from this year’s E3, where it was used to showcase some of the link up between the PS Vita and PS3, as well as some interesting social features. Before we get to that it’s probably worth touching on the core gameplay, which is that of an action RPG. If you want the closest possible comparison the game look pretty similar to the Diablo series and focuses heavily on fast and flowing combat, with combos featuring heavily.


Whilst the gameplay looks fairly solid, it’s the technical features in it that are more interesting. The first is its cloud save functionality. Whilst PlayStation Plus subscribers are already familiar with putting their saves up into the ubiquitous cloud, it seems that online storage comes with Ruin automatically. That doesn’t sound all that impressive by itself, but the fact that this allows you to move your game seamlessly between the PS3 and Vita versions (which are expected to come bundled together) really is a fantastic technical achievement.

The other interesting aspect of the game is the online and social functionality. The game will allow you to create your own Lair that will reflect your progression through the game, more enemies and complexity appearing in the dungeon protecting your Lair as you level up. Sound slightly pointless? Well your Lair will appear in other people’s games, not just your friends but those of complete strangers as well. The game will match you up with a “nemesis” online if you decide to take part in that sort of thing, and whilst their Lair will still exist offline you can actually battle each other in real time if you both happen to be online.

Beyond the impressive technical features we don’t know too much about Ruin yet, but it certainly sounds fairly intriguing.

49 Paper Mario

Although next year’s Paper Mario for 3DS will only be the fourth title in the series, it somehow feels to me that the series has been going a lot longer than ten years. Next year’s iteration will, in some aspect, return to that original title from 2001 with turn-based battles making a return to the series after being dropped from 2007’s Super Paper Mario. Also gone from next year’s title is Super Paper Mario’s perspective switch mechanic, although the 3DS’ 3D abilities will obviously add a new sense of depth to the game’s 2D perspective.

Whilst the combat has returned to the series’ original turned-based system, it will feature a heavier focus on platforming and more action sequences than other Paper Mario games. As for new mechanics, the game adds stickers that will give Mario access to power-ups.

If you’re interested in playing with a paper version of Mario on you portable 3D beastie the best we can say right now is that the game will be out in 2012.

48 Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze in Japan) is another of those titles that we don’t know an awful lot about, but what we do know is clearly enough to leave TSA’s staff fairly impressed. So what is there to lead to this anticipation?

Well firstly there’s the absolutely gorgeous cel-shaded art style the Vita title employs, which really is simply beautiful. This is certainly helped by what little we’ve seen of the levels so far, which look absolutely vast. Floating cities seem to feature pretty prominently, an element that seems pretty key to the game.

I don’t mean the city part obviously, it’s the floating aspect that’s important. The core gameplay centers around gravity manipulation, and in some ways reminds me of Mirror’s Edge if you played it from a third-person perspective. You move fluidly over rooftops and between buildings, although with the ability to flip and twist gravity as you wish you can make jumps far beyond those any normal human would be capable of.

Beyond that it’s hard to say much about Gravity Rush. However, I will say that even with such a small amount of information available this is the only game that really makes me want to buy a Vita.

47 Game of Thrones

Possibly in an attempt to simplify the branding, the second Game of Thrones game (the first being RTS title, A Game of Thrones: Genesis) drops any subtitle to set it apart from any past or future titles from the franchise. Personally I actually find that fairly confusing, but that may well just be me.

Only announced last month, details about the title are a little thin on the ground right now but we do know that, unlike Genesis, Game of Thrones will be an action RPG. The game is is set to star Mors, a brother of the Night’s Watch, and Alester, a Red Priest and looks like it may well be set roughly at the same time as the opening of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. As well as that developers Cyanide are aiming for a play time of around 30 hours, and are looking to make political skills as important as your ability with a sword. However, that’s about it for the moment aside from the 2012 release date.

46 Street Fighter X Tekken

At this point you may well be thinking that Steet Fighter X Tekken has already featured in our Top 100 but fear not, that was its sister title – Tekken X Street Fighter. Street Fighter X Tekken is a bit more nailed down details wise, starting with an actual release date. The game will find its way to the retailer of your choice on the 9th of March on PS3 and 360, with the Vita and PC versions due to be released later in the year.

Whilst Tekken X Street Fighter is coming from Namco, Street Fighter X Tekken is being developed by Capcom and is, obviously, based on the fighting mechanics of the Street Fighter series and use its six-button system. However, in an attempt to stop Tekken players being driven away the game will allow for the use of a system similar to Tekken’s four button setup when playing with a Tekken character.

Talking of characters, the PS3 and Vita versions are getting three exclusive ones. First up are Toro and Kuro, two catlike characters who I’m not familiar with but are apparently Sony’s mascots in Japan. In a shocking move (I’m so sorry) the Sony versions of the game will also be getting inFamous’ Cole MacGrath. Whilst Toro and Kuro will mimic Ryu and Kazuya respectively, Cole MacGrath will be getting his own fighting style to take advantage of his electrical powers.



  1. I’m interested in all the titles on this page except Paper Mario (only because I don’t have a 3DS), but how have you ranked Game of Thrones above Gravity Rush?
    I’ll be getting Gravity Rush and Ruin soon after their release this for sure, although maybe not first day for Gravity Rush because of the massive amount I’ll already be spending on Vita launch day.

  2. How did Game of Thrones make it this high up on the list? It’s the only one I have no interest in out of these.

    • there are a few of us at TSA who are big fans of the series of books it’s based on ;)

      • Have we not learned our game tie-in lessons?
        Also, the books are good, but not great.
        I’m kind of disappointed that I’ve read them all now, as apart from Game of Thrones and Dance of Dragons, they weren’t very good.
        I expect the TV series to improve them, as it wasn’t the plot I had the issue with, but the quite frankly poor to average writing style employed by Mr. Martin. I get the impression that he has these GREAT ideas, but just can’t deliver them properly.

      • Is colmshan1990 insane? “as apart from Game of Thrones and Dance of Dragons, they weren’t very good.” I almost swallowed my tongue in apoplectic rage. Have you read A Storm of Swords? There is a climatic event, I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s simply one of the most shocking turn of events I’ve ever read. Martin may be a little…. rough around the edges but damn can that man spin a yarn.

      • Yeah, it was a shocking moment, but well…
        That was all that was in that book. Plus, a shocking twist after shocking twist will soon lose shock value and credibility. That said, Dance of Dragons was much better, and I’ve high hopes for Winds of Winter.
        And Feast for Crows? Ignored most of the best characters except for Arya and Daenerys, but stagnated their stories…
        And Clash of Kings just wasn’t very good.
        Martin’s not in the same league as a Pullman, Tolkien or Jordan. But I suppose most aren’t…

    • Lol – maybe because this isn’t Kennykazey’s top 100 of 2012??

      In fairness though (in answer to both you & colmshan), these are decided upon via a vote as far as i know – To give an example using the above 5; I personally would have Streetfighter X Tekken at the top, followed by Gravity Rush, follwed by Ruin, followed by Game of Thrones, with Paper Mario coming dead last. Why is mario last? Because i have no intention of getting a 3DS. why is streetfighter x tekken top? Because it is the only one i have heard of &/or had an interest in before this article.

      Now, take my opinion & throw it in with some others (which some will be somewhat similar & some will be wildly different) & that is how games that you or me may not be looking forward to may appear higher on the list, as some of the voters may have a greater interest in the title than we do (& vice versa of course). That’s ok, we are all different.

      I personally treat this as a ‘what to look out for next year’ & take any positioning with a pinch of salt, as its position on the list is only based on someone elses opinion (or what everyones opinions averaged out to at least).

      • I know it’s done by a vote- it’s the reason I’m surprised to see Game of Thrones so high up! :P

      • I’m with Colmshan on this. I too know it’s by vote, which is why it surprises me that it’s this high up. By the unwritten tie-in law, the Game of Thrones game will most likely be mediocre at best. And yet it surpasses a bunch of other games that I would imagine seem more promising to people.

        Maybe I should write “Kennykazeys Dictatorship-ruled Top 100 of 2012”? :-P

      • Well kenny, we do have a forum… :P
        Time to get working! :P

  3. Yup, game of thrones looks out of place to me too :)
    And since Street Fighter X Tekken is now on the list, i guess the new Naruto game won’t even make it to the top 100 :/

  4. Ruin And game of thrones for me, although I do have a problem with game of thrones; one of the character involved in the plot is a sworn brother of the night’s watch, who do NOT get involved in the political wranglings of westeros. Why the hell would he break his oath like that?

    • We don’t know he has broken his oath, maybe the political skill is used to convince the King or other Lords to give the Nightwatch reinforcements.

  5. Paper Mario, Gravity Rush and maybe Ruin for me from this list although I won’t be getting any of those consoles anytime soon. However, I’m still bitter about FFvXIII being so low on the list! :P

    • Me too. Versus is in my top 3 of next years games.

  6. SFXT is top of my list, can’t wait.

  7. nothing here that im going to buy but its going to be interesting to see how SFXT is going to be =D

  8. Nothing here for me probably, assuming that A Game Of Thrones won’t turn out well (if it somehow ends up being good then it’s a must-buy) and I won’t get a Vita.

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