UK In Shock As Retailers Price Vita Games Below RRP

[drop2]I don’t know about you, but my Twitter feed’s gone crazy with people shouting and moaning about PS Vita game prices.  Crazy.

Not that the pricing itself is a big surprise, but more that some outlets have gone with rather sensational headlines to bag some of those Monday hits.  “OMG UNCHARTED VITA IS £45 !1111!” went one.


Well, it didn’t, but you get the idea.

The fact is that RRP prices are always high.  And retailers will, especially online, always sell them cheaper than that.  Sure, GAME and Co. will likely try to shove them out at the full whack, but if you pay RRP for anything then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

So here’s the skinny: are saying that Uncharted: Golden Abyss has an RRP of £45 and are selling it for £40.  Amazon are selling it for under £30.  Unless you’ve got any misplaced allegiance to Play, the sensible option is Amazon.

And that’s the story.  That’s it.

The fact is that Vita games might have a high RRP, but they won’t be that expensive even if you can muster little more than a cursory check on Amazon.

Still, Mondays, eh?



  1. I think perhaps TSA has a misplaced allegiance to Play, as both the and Amazon links link to ;)

  2. I’ve already got my pre-order in for Uncharted :)

  3. Spot on.

  4. Ordered via Amazon, thanks for the heads-up!

    • Should have read this post before posting. Damn I’m like an excitable child sometimes.

      • Haha me too – cant wait for some more uncharted ;)

      • Nope, very much looking forward to it!

  5. I <3 Amazon

  6. Thanks for the headsup – just preordered Uncharted from Amazon.

    • Me too. £23.64 isn’t bad, I get away with not paying VAT since I don’t live in the UK!

      • That is very cheap! :)

      • Out of interest and because i’m jealous, where do you live?

  7. I’ll be buying Uncharted (and Wipeout) off the PSN for the convenience of having them on the memory card (as I don’t see myself selling an Uncharted or a Wipeout game), and after that it’s a case of who gives me the best deal.
    (Not just price, I’m impatient enough to spend €10 more if I can get a game in a shop instead of wait a few days for it to come from a website, and of course if the PSN price is sensible I’ll get it from there as it’ll be on the memory card.)

  8. Would be nice if Amazon changed the platform they are selling it for!

    Might not work the way they are selling it ;)

  9. I was notified via twitter the other day that amazon had mis-priced the vita memory cards. I have 2 memory cards in my basket for the princley sum of £35.90(something) when the price of one is curently £39.99. Nice

    Hoping the price stays this way

    • Lucky bugger, just ordered one for forty quid

    • Same, and it looks like it’ll stay that price in my preorders! :D

    • Nice! GAME bumped me for Uncharted 3 Special Edition….I was supposed to be charged £44.99 as per one of their emails, but they actually charged me the original £49.99. I don’t say anything though….since they have never charged me for the £44.99 for Resistance 3 Special Edition since all their computers went down during the website change, and I had cancelled my order after they shipped it! :)

      • I would have complained!….. cos i’m a tight bastard ;)

    • Fancy selling me one of those cards? ;)

  10. Not available for Christmas delivery on Amazon. Oh well…

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