Official PS Vita Sales Figures Roll In

We’ll spare you the commentary on what these two-day sales figures mean about the current state of the handheld market (for now) – suffice to say that the PlayStation Vita has officially sold 321,000 units in Japan, according to Famitsu.

For the record, and for the purposes of discussion, that compares with 371,000 Nintendo 3DS units in the same initial two-day period.


It’s not exactly the 700,000 shipped we were hearing, and a little disappointing given the Vita’s much better software line-up, but hopefully it’ll have a stronger launch in the west next February.

At least it sold more than the PSP, which shifted 166,000 in its first two days.

Source: Famitsu.



  1. Still a lot. Maybe Sony for once should release their console before its competitors!

    • Ah but if they did that, they may end up releasing a console that is not ready to be released. I would rather have them working on it untill it is ready to be released then them releasing it when it is not fit to be released in order to get a possible advantage. =)

      • which I think is what Microsoft did with the xbox 360, wanted to get it out before the wii and playstation 3 that all the problems it had were there because of the rush to release it. Ok now the ps3 did have a few problems, like feeling to weak in features compared to xbox. But at least Sont could give out major updates for their console, instead of updating the XMB every 6 months like Microsoft do with the dashboard

  2. I’d be more interested in initial game sales. The 3DS had a sorry excuse of a launch line up compared to what the Vita has to offer (in my opinion). I’d say 50k units less than Nintendo’s flagship handheld at a higher price point seems like a reasonable amount of sales. I’m sure pre and post holiday shopping will drive that number up significantly.

    • I don’t see how it’s ‘reasonable’ really – especially given the line-up of games compared to the ‘sorry excuse’ of the 3DS launch.

      I’m fairly sure Sony are disappointed.

      • Its expensive, no one has any money, of course the sales will be lower.

      • I’m sorry but to me it’s as reasonable as the fact that VW sells more Golfs than Porsche sells Caymans.
        I also can’t be the only one who remembers all the 3DS launch title reviews rocking those 3-5/10 scores. Nintendo might have stepped up their game with the recent releases of Mario Kart 7 and the new Mario 3D Land but those games should have been out day 1.
        Compared to that the Japanese Vita launch line up looks very promising.

      • Before anybody tries to lecture me about the fact that the price difference between a Golf and a Cayman is much bigger than the difference between the 3DS and the Vita:
        What I’m trying to say is that cheaper prices attract the masses. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10€ or 100€. Some people will go for the cheaper product no matter what. It does make a difference.

      • I wish a Cayman was the same as a Golf. Would def be investing in one!

      • Agree with those saying it’s the issue of money. 3DS had an awful launch lineup and had to drop the price within a year of release to bounce it back. The Vita did not lose by much compared to the 3DS and it doubled the sales of the PSP. I think this was a fantastic success. Sure, it could have been better. But let these 321,000 Vita owners show it to their friends and sales will keep climbing.
        Another factor that no one is mentioning is the rereleases of consoles. How many models of the DS were there? Too many! Anyone who showed their support and bought a DS on launch day were screwed. They were given a clunky system that was dated in about a year. Sony was as bad but still offended. That is why I am waiting until the Vita Slim/Lite/2.0 that will probably be slimmer, cheaper, and with less bugs. Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

      • There are just as many people waiting for a 3DS refresh as there are people waiting for the Vita 2.0. :P
        The 3DS launches as the first next gen handheld console and had a significant price drop. The Vita now has to compete with this significantly cheaper 3DS which by now has a pretty solid line up of games. So I stand by my words. The Vita had a good start considering the circumastances. :)

  3. Hmm, and this is in Japan. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens here

  4. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Almost everything that had massive hype and large presales turns out to be a flop when you come to use it, Kinect and 3DS being the most noticeable recent examples.

    • Huh?

    • I’m not sure over 10m Kinect sales in 18months is considered a flop. I’m pretty certain the 3DS has sold more by the same point in time, than the original DS did.

      • Of course you missed my point. By flop, I don’t mean commercial flop, I mean a flop from a user point of view.

        Kinect has been one disappointment after the next for users, with nothing but a stream of kiddie jumping games and afterthought ingame addins (star wars dancing anyone…)

        Microsoft don’t care thou, they have the £100 or so profit from each one and are laughing their socks off and what a little hype, a handful of magazines in your pocket and lots of viral marketing to cover the holes.

  5. Not bad but Western sales and Japanese Christmas sales will be more important.

  6. Surely flogging nearly 50% of your shipped stock in 2 days is good by anyone’s measure?

    As a comparison (according to Wikipedia anyway) the PS3 sold 82K in 24 hours at launch in Japan

    • Yeah people seem to forget that it only have had 2 days in sell.

  7. The Vita is doing fairly well imo. It will be interesting to see if it can outsell the 3DS or not. I wonder if Peter or Alex will do a review of it when their Vita’s arrive?

  8. ouch, 50k fewer than its stated rival is unfortunate, especially when it has launched just before Christmas compared with the 3DS’ February release – and the very similar price point both launched at.

    Still, it’s not necessarily that /bad/, the 3DS launch was actually quite decent for its first week. We’ll just have to wait and see how it does over the holiday and how it launches in the west. Not a great sign for things to come though, given the effort put into the software lineup for launch and the lacklustre sales the 3DS suffered in the spring after its release. If that pattern is repeated for the Vita, it’s going to be a rough road to the next holiday season for Sony…

  9. This doesn’t mean a thing. The article itself makes that clear by stating how ‘little’ the PSP sold upon Japanese release and we all know how that snowballed into the best selling handheld and, at times, the best selling console full stop. It still outsells the 360 over there, so as I say, judging in the first two days is mere internet geekasm

    • “mere internet geekasm”

      Really? Really?

    • Wait, what? In what universe is the PSP the best selling handheld?

      Based on figures from Famitsu/Enterbrain, as of 1 April 2011
      1.Nintendo DS – 32,598,870
      2.PlayStation Portable – 16,867,853

      • Hang on, I thought the accepted figures for DS and PSP sales were 150m and 70m respectively?
        Anyway, I think he meant best-selling the way the book industry seems to mean it- how many ‘best-sellers’ come out each month I wonder? Is it sell X amount and you become a best-seller?
        Anyway, DS outsold PSP more than 2 to 1.
        Yet PSP still outsold both the 360 or PS3…

      • I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I quoted the japanese sales numbers. The outcome remains unchanged. The DS outsold the PSP big time. :)

      • i believe what thl’s basing “we all know how that snowballed into the best selling handheld and, at times, the best selling console” on feature that tsa used to run about japans monthly console sales where the psp did usually outsell the ds and was nearly always the top selling console.

  10. Go 3DS! ;) Not surprised to see sales of the Vita a little lacking at the moment given its huge price tag. £229.99 is stupid money for a handheld console, anything over £150 is daylight robbery

    • 3DS wasn’t even worth that much, I guess the Vita does considering its actually complete minus the Psone games.

      • On day of release £150 for a 3DS would have indeed been way too much considering the lack of games.
        I got one with MarioKart7 for £160 a couple of weeks ago however and I would consider that money well spent given we have some amazing games coming out now

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