New Game of Thrones Details, Trailer

There’s a Game of Thrones RPG on the way, and developer Cyanide Studio has launched a new trailer, outlining a number of characters and locations whilst also touching briefly on gameplay. The Atlus-published title will be based on the popular novels penned by George R.R. Martin, taking cues from the remarkable HBO series that screened earlier this year.

It has been confirmed that Martin has had a hand in constructing the game’s narrative which follows a Red Priest looking for redemption and a brother of the Night’s Watch. In traditional action RPG fashion there will be loot and experience, players having to chose from a selection of classes which will ultimately determine their playstyle.


There’s no solid release date, but we can expect to see the game launch during the first half of 2012.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased to see the Playstation logo at the end of a trailer. This just went straight to the top of my ‘want’ list

  2. Perhaps it’s down to current my hard-on for Skyrim (wow, that’s a sentence to be proud of), but that actually looks pretty decent.

    I do hope the actual game isn’t just a hastily knocked up RPG-Light wrapped around a bunch of cutscenes.

    • This. Apart from the Skyrim-Boner anyway, I’ve moved back to Final Fantasy VIII :)

      I really hope this is good, I hope George R R Martin actually does have some input and they’re not just saying that.

      • Looks like they have modelled him in at 1:51, so I guess in the least, they are fans. But didn’t realise they had NHS style glasses back in medievil times.

  3. Did Skyrim just take an arrow to the knee? :P

    PLEASE be better than most tie-ins.

    • I’m over 40 hours on skyrim, I talk to the guards a lot. Not one has used the arrow to the knee line. What is up with that…?

      • Apparently it’s used a lot- I don’t know, I’m not getting it until Christmas…

  4. Oh dear lord, yes.

    • Can we redo the top 100 most anticipated games of 2012? I need to make a quick adjustment to my scoring of this one :oD

  5. Impressive. That’s better then what I was imagining it to be.

  6. Please be good. Please be good!

  7. i just hope this isn’t something you need to be familiar with the books to enjoy, because i’ve yet to read any of them.

    still, it does look good.
    very reminiscent of skyrim, will it be open world liek skyrim or just a series of levels?

    looks like something i could enjoy either way, but i do love a good open world game.

  8. Oh god yes, it looks better than I actually imagined it being. I have high hopes for this.

  9. On book 2 now I Daren’t read any of the comments in case of spoilers! I’m sold on this 100% and I’m not a beardie.

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