Relic Teases Dreadnought Space Marine Content

Despite not being everyone’s cup of tea, Space Marine has definitely captured the hearts of a couple of us here at TSA with its combination of cover-is-for-wusses gunplay and visceral melee combat. Yes, it’s a bit mindless to begin with though Relic’s debut multiplatform title soon finds its footing and closes with one of this year’s more substantive endings.


Since launch we’ve seen the addition of four player co-op mode Exterminatus, along with consistent flow of downloadable content. However the game’s most exciting expansion may have yet to come; Relic has recently posted a screenshot depicting in-game content that will be launching sometime in January. 40K fans will immediately recognise the colossal war machine as a Dreadnought, donning the colours of the Ultramarine chapter, letting rip on a Chaos assault trooper.

Source: Twitter



  1. I need it!
    Love Space Marine, Exterminatus mode with friends is absolutely awesome. Actually ran into a fellow TSA’er, Vangeist, in a public lobby the other night.
    Bought the Chaos Unleashed DLC, good fun but it’s rock hard.
    Anyone else got the game and fancy a go on Exterminatus mode? Or just versus?

    • Sure yogdog. Ive not taken SpaceMarine online yet due to playing Skyrim, but id love to.

      • Add me! :) Username is yogdog.

      • I bought the game for £12 a couple of weeks ago and haven’t even touched it yet, one for the new year I think. If you’re still up for it when I get around to it, count me in.

      • Definitely up for that Tony!

  2. Im gonna pick it up tomoz in the sale, ill give it a go

  3. Got the game dirt cheap on Xmas Eve. Had a convo with Yogdog regarding the Chaos Unleashed DLC. Within 2 hours of experiencing Multiplayer I’d downloaded it.
    What a game… As an aged Warhammer tabletop veteran I love the Old Skool 40K lore. Having played UC3, this seriously gives that game a run for it’s money (in MP at least).
    Am loving the hugely customisable outfits. If you come across a rather camp-looking Pink-Silver Marine, that’s me :-)
    And I’ve just heard that Dreadnoughts are arriving in the next DLC. Think Bioshock Armour x 10!!!!

  4. a deardnaught !!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait are you getting the dlc yogdog plus you can always count me an dodge in for spacemarine

    • Defo getting the DLC, fecking love Dreadnoughts!

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