Sony Releases Freeze-Fixing 1.51 Update For Vita

We’re reviewing the hardware, we are – we’re just making sure we cover everything properly rather than rushing it out as it’s a fair chunk of money to invest, so bear with us.

In the meantime, Sony have made our job easier by releasing a firmware update (1.51) for the portable that fixes the freezing bugs some users (including myself) have been reporting.


There’s no specifics, but I updated this morning and it only took a minute or two and everything seems well post-update – it’s too early to see whether the freezing has been fixed entirly though.

Still, my first Vita firmware update. Awww.



  1. Awww, Happy New Update!

  2. Hope it’s not the first of many!

  3. I wonder when they will update the PS3 so we can see Vita users and what games they’re playing and their trophies, etc. Seems like if Vitas are non-existent atm from the PS3 side.

  4. Here’s wishing you a Merry Update and a Happy New Vita…

  5. Aaahh, look at the little Vita with it’s brand new firmware update. *wipes a tear from his eye*

    I’m going to wait a few years to see if the problems get sorted out.

    I look forward to the Vita review. :-) Although, Sony should not have released it with those problems.

    • It is very hard to cover all problems in development. Sometimes some problems slip through.

    • I think it’s forgivable to rush this a little bit, sony have had a hard year with the hack and the tsunami/earthquake. I really wouldn’t mind a little firmware if I had a vita…

  6. Hopefully by the time it’s released here all the little bugs etc that have/may come to light will be sorted.

  7. I…………Want………….A………….Vita……………NAOW

  8. funny, i thought they said there were no issues, at least none they needed to apologise for, hmm. o_O

  9. Lol, everything that has to do with gaming nowadays needs a patch or 2 – unless it’s Fallout 3 or Vegas then those games should just be utterly and completely scrapped :D

  10. Oh well nt to worry! Think the only people who need to be concerned are people who own one, I’m always happy with any updates tbh though lol

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