WipEout 2048 Demo Lands In January

WipEout 2048 hits the Japanese PSN Store for Vita on the 19th of January (I’ll better grab some more PSN credit then) but anyone still pondering whether to grab it or not can rejoice in the fact that a playable demo lands two days earlier, on the 17th.

[videoyoutube]The game boasts full PS3-Vita cross platform play (I tried it at E3, it’s amazing) and a whole host of your favourite courses and some brilliant music tracks.


They include The Chemical Brothers (Electronic Battle Weapon 3), Orbital (PETROL, thankfully, and another) and Prodigy (with the slightly iffy but still great remix of Invaders Must Die).

Dan played WipEout at a recent Vita press event, saying the game “looks the absolutely business” and that “connecting to a match takes a matter of seconds.”

“Seeing your craft overtake an opponent on the Vita and TV screen at the same time never gets old.”

It’s like a best of, but in your hands.  And your PS3.

Source: Official Site, via AndriaSang.



  1. Was lucky enough to have a go on the new Wipeout back at the Eurogamer Expo – absolutely loved it. It looks great, plays brilliantly and there’s been an awful lot of thought put into track design – lots of wide spaces make the whole experience much more portable-console-friendly.

  2. One of the major appeals to me of Wipeout has always been the music, particularly the 2097 soundtrack which still gets regular air time at my house.

    Do you know if the the demo will handle cross platform play?

    • Same here. I love the WipEout music. I’d buy the games just to listen to it.

  3. Can someone answer me a question? This game is advertised as cross platform gaming. But I haven’t seen an announcement for 2048 on the PS3 or as an expansion pack for Wipeout HD. Have I missed something or will cross platforming be limited to the HD tracks and PS3 doesnt get the 2048s?

    • I was literally just about to post the same question!

      • Ditto, I guess we missed some sort of announcement. Maybe it will be in the form of DLC for Wipeout HD much as Fury was?

    • You don’t play 2048 tracks. You play Wipeout HD track on the Vita.

      • Although I think there are only certain tracks that are in both games, so the cross-platform play will be limited somewhat. But essentially as above, you can play the Wipeout HD tracks on the Vita, but not visa versa.

  4. Gimp :)

  5. Ive been wondering, If you buy the PS3 version, do you get the Vita version as well? or do you have to buy them seperately. (this has probably been answered before. I need to pay more attention)

  6. Looks amazing, the AR stuff looks cool too. Bit ambitious setting it 37 years from now though I think..

  7. There is no PS3 version per se but it’s compatible online with Wipeout HD/Fury with i’m guessing similar/same tracks.

    Correct me if i’m wrong?

  8. Can’t wait for this game.
    Unfortunately I will until February 22nd. :(

  9. Looked AMAZING that game:P

  10. Will it be playable over 3G, or is a wifi connection required for multiplayer?

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