New Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Screens

More screens from Transfomers Fall Of Cybertron with yet more robots shooting each other in the face.

The title is looking a lot more colourful than War For Cybertron, a game that could be best described as looking like a grubby version of Tron.


It may be a tad too colourful as I had problems working out what was going on in a couple of the screenshots, particularly the shot with Grimlock in robot mode.

Hmmm. Now I’ve been looking more closely at the screenshots I have noticed something: In the screenshot with Grimmers in robot mode (top row, third from left), if you look in the distance there is a rocky outcrop.  Standard generic bakground for a game, so what?

Cybertron doesn’t have rocks. It’s entirely metal.

Looks like we get to play Grimlock whilst he is roaming around the Earth.

Source: Press Release



  1. Some how BatJazz just doesn’t have the same ring to it…..

    • Spider-Jazz would be more apt from that pic.

      • Ah but SpiderJazz requires the string to appear from himself not a gun ;)

      • but if that is some sort of tether or grappling line type thing, you’ll see it’s not coming out of the gun, we’re both talking about the green stuff right?
        it actually extends past the barrel behind the gun.

  2. huge fan of the films but i tried playing one of the games not sure which one of the top of my head but i was confused to Fuck with all the different controls lol proper brain ache for me so think I’ll have to skip this one

  3. I don’t think it’s too colourful.. I’d rather too colourful than brown on grey on brown though. Also, those rocks don’t look much like earth to me. Any other planets it could be?

  4. what does uncrassimatic mean?

    • It means the constructicons are inferior!

  5. Quite looking forward to this.

  6. Looks pretty good. I just ordered War For Cybertron today. If its any good this is a must buy for me.

  7. Erm sorry to say Cub, but Cybertron in the game is not entirely Metal there are organic components

  8. Surely to be transformed into a T-rex one must be on earth? Can’t see dinosaurs being totally inconspicuous or efficient on Cybertron.

  9. still looking good loved war for cybertron it would be nice to see shockwave as part of the story

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