Frontier Developments Joins TIGA

TIGA has announced that Frontier Developments, developer of Disneyland Adventures as well as the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, is the latest UK studio to join the trade association.

Dave Braben, Frontier’s Founder, spoke about why Frontier Developments decided to join TIGA.


“TIGA is a relentless campaigner on behalf of the UK video games industry. It keeps the issues that matter to our industry on the political agenda. Without TIGA our industry would be largely ignored by politicians.  Additionally, we need a trade association that can help start-up and small development studios. This role is admirably performed by TIGA. I strongly recommend TIGA membership to all UK game developers/developer publishers.”

TIGA’s CEO, Dr Richard Wilson, also spoke about Frontier joining.

“Frontier Developments is one of the most respected development studios in the UK. David and Ian are deeply committed to the UK video games sector and so I am delighted that Frontier has joined TIGA. We look forward to working with Frontier Developments in the coming months.”

Since its founding in 2001 TIGA has grown, winning the Trade Association of The Year 2011 Award. Let’s hope this news helps the member list grow.

Source: TIGA PR



  1. Cool. Groups like this are very important, especially with some of the very narrow minded lunatics in government. The more studios that join in the better.

  2. “Disneyland Adventures as well as the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon 3″and ELITE!

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