Tiga Claims UK Games Industry Employment Well Up In 2012

UK video game trade body Tiga are reporting that both employment and investment in the UK video game industry increased last year compared to 2011, saying that by the end of December there were 118 more studios and 336 more creative staff than there were in 2011.

Of course, most of these studios are start-ups, concentrating on mobile games.


Investment in games was up at £427m, and contributions to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product was up at £947m, an increase of £35m.

“The sector’s return to growth has been driven by three factors,” said Tiga chief executive Richard Wilson. “Firstly, the increasing prevalence of mobile and tablet devices have created a growing market for games: studios are setting up to meet this demand.

“Secondly, the closure of big console-based studios has been followed by an explosion of small start-up companies. “Thirdly, the advent of games tax relief, which Tiga was instrumental in achieving, is already stimulating growth.”

The tax relief system is due to be brought into use in April, following a similar system with the UK film industry, which expires in 2015.

Via the BBC, who have inexplicably used a photo of Pac-man.



  1. Good to hear, even though I’m not a fan of mobile games, jobs are jobs.

    Might I say also that’s a great pac man picture on BBC, even though it doesn’t fit the content well.

  2. Good news. Even if things were levelling out, that’d be a start but to see an increase is something the industry really needs. Mobile gaming is a huge focus right now but that doesn’t stop any of them succeeding and making the jump to Steam, PSN, XBLA, etc. for a more ambitious title without it spiralling into the (£) millions.

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