WeView: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

So here’s the thing. For our first WeView of the year I thought I’d put the winner of our Overall Game of the Year award up for the community to take a look at. Sure, we have polls and the like coming soon to gather the views of our community but I thought this would be a nice way to get things rolling in 2012. However, there was a snag. Portal 2 won our award, and a very deserving win it was in my opinion. The problem? We already covered Portal 2, all the way back in May of last year. It’s old news now, it’s been done.

Therefore I had to come up with some sort of compromise. The obvious one was to pick the game that came second place in our Overall category. Upon looking this up I found it was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a perfect candidate. It’s been out for close to two months now, and although I know the world is absolutely huge hopefully you’ll have played enough to feel comfortable giving your verdict on it.

Skyrim isn’t a game I’ve spent any time with, or one I particular fancy investing time in. These kind of huge RPGs don’t really appeal to me, I mean I have no desire to play Fallout 3 either. Fortunately I’m not the only writer here at TSA, and Peter was more than willing to cast his critical eye over the game back in November. As you’d expect for a game that rated so highly in our awards, Peter was very positive about it rating it at 9/10 and having this to say:

The Elder Scrolls isn’t a series that will appeal to everyone but it certainly shouldn’t be too daunting for newcomers joining at this fifth instalment. The complexities can be easily learnt or even mostly ignored and, although they are what powers the fantastically diverse gameplay paths, what makes the game special is the world it inhabits. Skyrim is a busy, active place that feels naturally alive. It might be somewhat overstocked with murderous wolves but the sheer volume of things to do, people to meet and enemies to kill is simply quite amazing. Simply put, Skyrim – the game – is a wonderful experience because Skyrim – the land – is a wonderful place. I heartily recommend a few days off work or school so you can visit.

Now, with the bugs that have plagued the PS3 version of the game (as well as the issues that have cropped up in other versions) I’m sure some of you may have differing opinions. Perhaps some of you have managed to combat the bugs or see past them to find a good game. Maybe you couldn’t get past the bugs and they ruined the experience. Of course there’s the option that you didn’t get any bugs and didn’t like the game anyway. Whatever your thoughts on the game, now is the time to let us know.

If you feel like sharing, just drop a comment below. Remember, the aim is for short, snappy reviews but I won’t completely ignore longer ones. Once you’ve given your considered opinion it’s time to rate the game on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. If you want your review and verdict to appear in the verdict post on Monday make sure you have it in by Sunday afternoon, when I’ll start collating the various opinions on offer.



  1. Simple this one, stick Skyrim on for a half hour session, turn it off 6 hours later wondering what exactly just happened to the day, only having completed 2 side missions but after having a great time wandering the world doing random shit. Never before have I got quite so lost in a game world. Buy it (but only if you can afford to lose the next month of every minute of your free time).

    One little note, I’ve hammered the game but haven’t seen a single bug or glitch, not one.

    • I completely agree what tony said, it’s amazing how much time you spend in Skyrim and have nothing substantial to show for the amount of time you just gave to the game, which is brilliant! Soon as you start you will be sucked in and it won’t let go untill you have given everything to Skyrim.

  2. Got it back in mid-December. Played it for one and a half hours. Just all too daunting for me. End up playing FIFA 12 instead.

    • Can see why people love it, but it’s just not for me. Rent it.

  3. Played for three hours and failed to entice me. Heard lots of fantastic and awful things about it though so Rent it and find out for yourself.

  4. Skyrim is a very good game, if a little dumbed-down from what I was originally expecting. I played it solidly for a month on PS3, but after level 30 it was only to get the remaining trophies. Finally I traded it for the PC version. I would say that if you like Oblivion or Fallout3 then you should love this game.
    Although I was fortunate to not see any bugs or glitches, it was so slow after level 30 on the PS3 that it was an exercise in frustration, this forces me to rate it at “Bargain Bin” :(
    PC version though, is excellent!

  5. Buy it, that is if you can afford to submit a heathy chunk of your life to it at least. Indeed I finished the main story quest weeks ago yet I am still thoroughly hooked, and I have to agree with Peter when he points to the richness of the world. You can also learn as much about the back-story as you wish through the game’s many many books and the conversations you cna have with random civillians.

    Sure a few of the quest lines get a bit repetitive but there is enough variety to flit between all sorts and simply return to the repetitive ones at a later moment.

    I have now piled in about 130 hours into the game and have been so centered on continuing that any PS3 software I was given for Christmas is still cellophaned up beside the telly. There have been glitches of course, but given the amount of hours I have put into playing the game I think only 2 game stopping crashes in 5 days worth of play is a small price to pay.

    One thing I will mention though, is that I do regret not upping my PC’s spec and going for the PC version as I wouldn’t have to sit there looking at those black smoky screens with stationary wood elves on them quite so much, and could instead get on with the business of bunging a few dragonrend shouts at Viinturuth.

  6. Absolutely fabulous game. My personal GOTY. I’ve just hit the 100 hour mark and have only encountered a couple of bugs, but nothing game breaking. I’m a big Elder Scolls fan so I’m probably quite biased, but I can understand why people don’t like them.

  7. Engligh grammar?

  8. Massively fun, Fustraningly tedious, endlessly immersive, annoying framerate at times,heavily endearing, outrageously varied AI. Bit of both really.

    Buy it. But at your own peril.

  9. If you ONLY own a PS3 don’t buy it.

    However if you have a 360 also or maybe a decent PC then choose either those as Bethesda clearly made 360 lead platform and very poorly ported it to PS3.

  10. I… like it but. Its a bit poor in some places.

    So I am a Dragon-hunter happily and merrily travelling the lands of Skyrim. The creatures are not so great… compared to Dark Souls its enemies are very varied and less human. Dragur.. those ones from Dwarf Ruins.. Evil humans are all the same copy & pasted enemies with different types of Weapons. Maybe make them more unique? don’t see the harm of that. The weapons are the same kind from the last game, really no thought to add new types like Nunchucks, Spears, Halberds, Morning Star, Lances and Hammers… or Gunlances. Fighting Dragons is so bland and Samannoyed (same & annoyed fused).

    From Skyrim
    “Rawr I am Frost Dragon and I fly and breath a lot but never attack until I about to die”

    From another game
    “Rawr” I am Rathalos and have many friends that are way stronger than those puny dragons from Skyrim with even more attacks!”

    What I’m getting at is that. Monster Hunter as better dragon fighting and this experience is only a PSP and Will title. The PS3/Xbox as never really had such a game outside of Japan. They’re not similar to Skyrim but Dragons are the big feature much like the Oblivion Gates and eventually they’ve gotten tedious and boring.
    The Side-quests really are just go to somewhere and clear it or get that item! Much like the Story I guess which isn’t at all interesting. The game is beautiful, the water is very nice and the mountains are great regardless if its annoying sometimes.

    Skyrim is a great game but it isn’t really a deep RPG sadly, I’d say that its a bit over-rated, it could be so much more but I’d say hype as once again killed great expectation.

    So I would easily avoid it on PS3 due to it being worst of, PC version is the way to go with the rising of mods that will cherish on Skyrim.

    Really undecided since each System varies so I’ll just go for each platform.
    PS3 > Avoid it
    Xbox > Rent it/buy it
    PC ..> Buy it

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