WeView Verdict: Portal 2

This week we asked for you opinions on an obscure little game called Portal 2. Hopefully next time I’ll manage to pick a game with a slightly less obvious outcome. That’s right, as expected Portal 2 was pretty widely loved by you guys, something that pretty much anyone could have predicted; you didn’t have to be as smart (or insane) as GLaDOS to work it out.

In fact two of you loved it so much that you said the same thing, that you said you’d started to dream about portals. That, to be honest, is actually slightly worrying. Sure the game may be good, but it is a little scary when you’re playing it so much that it invades your subconscious. Nevertheless lets hear from bully1990 on his dreams.

On the back of the Portal 2 box it says ‘start thinking with portals’. I did. All the time. Then I started dreaming about them. One morning I woke up and my first thoughts were not about the day ahead but rather how cool it would be if I had a portal gun and could make it down for breakfast without using the stairs. Portal 2 is an all consuming game and I absolutely love it.

I don’t think the first Portal ever quite made me dream of puzzle solving and portal placement, but then again it had a few flaws and irritations that always got on my nerves. In fact DRCD1 pointed out something that had always annoyed me about the original title.

The gameplay is perfect. It couldn’t be better. The orbs from the first Portal are replaced with lasers, therefore removing the need for timing. Orb based puzzles were what I less liked in Portal. The coop, though, does require timing, but it’s much better managed than in the first game, and it manages to more fun than the single-player.

Of course, the defining aspect of Portal is the writing and no look at the game would be complete without a comment on it. Whilst there were points in the original game where the writing was almost incidental, that isn’t the case in the sequel, as aranalas commented on.

The voice acting is unrivaled. I would often find myself standing on a spot simply waiting for Wheatley to make his next remark. Wheatley somehow, from the moment you see him, feels comfortable like a good friend. Then when Wheatley and GLaDOS are combined, their remarks make for some of the most funny ever in any kind of entertainment medium. They manage to completely surprise you with some of their remarks due to the sheer randomness of it, yet it never feels forced. Experiencing them alone is worth buying this game for.

Now no game is going to receive completely universal acclaim, I’m sure there’s even someone out there that doesn’t like Tetris. However it seems that even when you don’t get on with Portal you can still appreciate it, or at least that’s the case for iamtdogg.

I should really have probably picked up the Orange Box first to try Portal before jumping it the deep end with 4000 of my hard earned pennies but thankfully the trade in value was still pretty decent.

I can understand why others like it but it’s such a slow paced game with repetitive and uninspried puzzles that it drove me mad.

Finally lets get to my favourite review this week. It was short, sweet and made me laugh when I read it. It comes from the legendary Michael who had this to say about Valve’s puzzler.

It’s ace, funny, smart…oh forget it, I’m going to jump through this portal in my office and arrive in front of my PS3 so I can play the game instead of writing about it.

Now to the community’s verdict. As you can probably tell the game was pretty well received and although it did receive one rating of Rent It, the overall verdict, with an overwhelming ten out of eleven reviews agreeing, is Buy It. Well this is all getting a bit predictable isn’t it? Hopefully I can come up with something a bit more controversial tomorrow.



  1. a very good read indeed.
    one thing annoyed me about p1, which i picked up 2wks ago, is after failing a task by death, you have to reload the lvl.
    tried google to see if same applies to p2, but to no avail. if somepne could ans this, would be much appreciated. regardless i can’t wait to play p1 & 2 back to back, by which time co-op will be available.

    • It does. You go back to the beginning of the level or occasionally there’s a recent checkpoint you go back to instead. Both tend to incur a little bit of loading.
      It’s one of the few things I found rather annoying with P2, the incessant bloody loading!

      • Unless you’re playing Coop and then it’s a DREAM!

      • thanks for info:)

  2. Lbp 2? I’ve got some stuff to say about that..

  3. I’m just about to play the original Portal on PC before moving onto Portal 2. Can’t wait, judging by the rave reviews!

  4. I’ve heavy advised [made] my parents get this for my brother for his birthday. looking forward to prising it out of his hands to play it :)

  5. Good read, I’m tempted by this game but for some reason there’s something in my silly brain telling me I wouldn’t like it. Next one should be homefront or something similar, something recent that isn’t going to get a unanimous (almost) vote.

  6. Pretty much what I thought really, though, like Tony, I just have a niggling feeling I won’t like it. I’ll try it at some point but it can wait.

    I know games you choose will have to be fairly recent and pretty good sellers to get interest in writing about them so might I possibly suggest:
    Motorstorm Apocalypse,
    Killzone 3.
    Some of those might give contrasting feelings. ;)

  7. The thing I like about this games is the way it completely avoids any violence (unless dropping a turret into an open pit counts). Its so refreshing to play a first person game and you don’t have generic marines/aliens shooting you in the face.

  8. Oh My… was i really the only person so far that wasn’t 100% taken with it… ach well my taste in games truely is up my own backside… proof i hear you say… errr well i did love playing Eat Lead, the return of Matt Hazard :)

  9. just got this the other day. Great game and very funny, cant wait to do some co-op :D

  10. Need this game.

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