January’s PlayStation Plus Update Is Right Here

The PlayStation Blog has updated with a list of this month’s PlayStation Plus goodness, which features the entire Back To The Future series for free.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a bargain.  Blair systematically went through and reviewed them all a while back – read them all (along with some other bits of news about the series) here.

  • Back to the Future: The Game, Episodes 1 to 5 – 100% off
  • Voodoo Dice (PS3 version) – 100% off
  • Rally Cross (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • Arc the Lad (English language version) (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • TrailBlazer (minis) – 100% off
  • Stick Man Rescue (minis) – 100% off
  • AfterBurner: Climax – 75% off
  • Cuckoo Clock Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • Robot Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • infamous 2: Good Cole Avatar – 100% off
  • infamous 2: Zeke Avatar – 100% off

AfterBurner: Climax is a real blast too, especially at that price, the rest of it – well – your mileage may vary but hopefully you’ll be happy with that lovely five part adventure.




  1. Glad I didn’t buy Back To The Future now. Not sure about the other games but if they’re free they get downloaded!

    • Same, I have been wanting to get it for ages but couldn’t really afford it. I loved episode one so very excited about this.

    • PS+ is an incentive to never buy any games you’re simply curious about, even when they’re on sale like BttF was.

      • Poo, I couldn’t help myself and given that I haven’t even embarked on the 2nd one yet that was a big error. Stupid drunken PSN purchase compulsion.

      • Yeah, I was never sure I like the experience but when it’s free!

        I have to completely agree with cc_star on this, since being a member of PS+ I’ve stopped buying as many games. It feels like every purchase is a possible waste of money as I may get it free later. A lot of the free PSN games I’ve brought have come up on PS+.

      • you should buy a lottery ticket every week & spend no money as well you never no you might win.

      • They need to address this somehow. Give us “Loyalty Points” or something if we already own the plus title. Then later down the line let us use those points for something nice like a discounted vita memory card ;)

  2. Wait! So don’t tell me we are getting Rally Cross and Arc The Lad, when US gets all, 1-3 SYPHON FILTER parts !!!!

    • The U.S. store is diferent to the E.U. one. The deals wil always be different as the games are licensed per territory.

      • Well, I know but comon! RC and AtL are nowhere near SYPHON FILTER ;/

      • And Sony EU is a different company to Sony America. So different offers. They do NOT have to be similar.

      • aren’t the syphon filter games sony published everywhere?
        it’s been a few years, but i’m sure they were published by sony in europe.

      • Which wil be down to Sony America geting a deal from EA IN AMERICA. Sony EU obviously have no such deal as it’s different company.

      • We know why it’s happening TC, he’s just commenting how crap it is. It’s a bit shitty.

      • Everyone knows why it happens

        It doesn’t change the fact that the better stuff almost always favours SCEA on every aspect of what Sony do whether it be deals, content, pricing, maintenance windows, especially release dates and everything else too.

        It’s SCE’s framework that SCEA & SCEE operate under & quite frankly that framework (generally) sucks for those who are unfortunate enough to be in SCEE region.

    • Well we have already gotten Syphony filter another time. + The only new ps1 classic for the usa is Syphony 2 as they got the other 2 a few months ago.

    • and we didn’t even get arc the lad. :(

  3. Cool, Back to the Future. Essentially 5 free games. :) Me like.

    • Yes sir, think we’re all happy about that. Unless you’ve bought it before now!

  4. Nice one! :)

    Incidently, didn’t we get the syphon filters games free last month? Sure I saw that?

  5. PS Plus really puts me off purchasing stuff new off the store – I’m so glad I didn’t buy Back To The Future. Really wanted it too! Yay for getting it for free though – Sony really need to give an incentive to customers who have already purchased something with this scheme.

    • Well they who buy the game get to keep it forever ;)

      • Not really sure how they decide that, but I think it might be anthing that you have bought, even at discounted prices is for keeps and some but not all free stuff is membership lifespan….not sure tbh.

      • *anything

      • You are right freeze – Anything you spend any money on, whether it is full price, or discounted to 1p (purchase) is yours to keep.

        Anything that comes free as part of the membership (offer) is only for the period that the membership lasts.


      • I’ve been a Ps+ member from day one, and it tells me most of my games from plus are expired, so haven’t bothered going on them

  6. Glad I didn’t bother renewing PS+. Apart from cloud saves, I miss nothing.
    Granted, BttF would have been nice but it would have taken me a year to start it going by how long Sam & Max and the (discounted) Monkey Island tales got me to play them (BTW, still only completed the 1st episode of MI)

    • I miss the auto-updates
      Considering re-subscribing as it’s only £31.99 which I can get by trading in a game or two, but probably won’t

      • Ah yes, auto-update. Now I miss 2 things!

  7. Awesome I was so close to buying this a while back. Glad I waited now. The PS+ content hasn’t been too grat for me of late but this really changes it. Everyone now and again they come up trumps to make it more than pay for itself.

  8. Looks like extreme couponing month again for PS+. I’ll be pushing my three trolleys full to the cashiers till and just handing over some plus coupons and maybe a quid or two…whoop! whoop! stand aside, coming through…lmao :P

  9. Good, at that price i’d give it a try.

  10. My subscription ran out last month. I am now tempted to renew for £31.99 as I wouldn’t mind the BTTF series

    • Depends on how interested you are really – BttF usually costs about £15.99 right? Well, if you believe you will get the remainder of the £16.00 in value for the year (which in fairness, you probably will as something will probably be of interest), it’s probably worth jumping back into plus again.

      Depends on how much you want BttF i guess! :)

    • cc just posted on twitter that Game are selling £35 Psn vouchers for £25. Could get yourself a bargain if you have a local store

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