DCUO To Introduce Crafting

Sony Online Entertainment continues to expand its recently-F2P action MMO, DC Universe Online; last month we saw the release of a premium expansion which not only ushered in a new power set, but new missions and endgame content too. “Just around the corner” the studio is promising another free update (number 8) which will finally bring crafting skills to the game in the form of “Research and Development.”


Following Lex Luthor’s time jump and subsequent releasing of the Exbotyes (powerful Nanites created by Brainiac) most of them found human hosts and unlocked extraordinary powers, but some still linger in Earth’s atmosphere, some of which are starting to degrade. This finding has led to the establishment of a R&D centres around Gotham and Metropolis where heroes and villains can gather “Exobits” and piece them together (as long as they are level 10 or over.)

The new crafting skills will allow the production of equipment and consumable items at well as enhancements which can be combined with existing gear in your inventory. Better yet, players can also salvage unwanted equipment to redeem R&D components.

Though a common feature in most MMOs, it will be interesting to see how crafting will affect the overall experience and whether it will be weighted more towards endgame players. For more details keep your eyes open for SOE’s DCUO webcast where they will discuss Update 8 in more detail.

Source: Official DCUO Website



  1. I’m pretty interested in this game, and the more they add, the more interested I am, especially as it’s free to play. But, it’s 25GB… Which is mental, I just don’t have that HDD space..

  2. I still have not tried it, it’s sat on the hard drive but takes ages to actually get into the game.

  3. They are desperatelly trying to convince the players not to abandon it. And that is something imposible!
    Crafting is useless when you can’t buy or sell crafted items, because you aren’t allowed to carry any money.

    The game is fun for the first 6-8 hours, and after that it begins to get tedious.
    You can’t have an MMO where 95% of it’s questing involves “Smacking Doods” and they realised that only now!
    Also the 1500g limit for the free members is criplingly low. At end-lvl it’s barelly enough to repair your equipment, (buying is out of the question). I’m a premium member and it’s imposible to use the AH even with the 2000g limit…
    Also all the instances (Alerts) are asking your characters to spread and do random missions, and then they ask them to gather and organise a group bassed on the holly trinity strategy. That’s imposible to do in PS3’s crapy chatting system!
    Not to mention that the game pretends to let you build your super hero, and then through the entire game have you licking the shoes of DC’s existing ones.

    Long story short.
    The game suck at being an MMO. The quests are repetitive. The Cities are repetitive. The gameplay is deceptingly simmilar to your average MMO, despite pretending to be dynamic.
    This game wasn’t designed to work without subscription, and the free members are being fooled into spending time in it until they realise that they, pretty much, can’t carry any money.

    Lets all pattiently wait for Guild Wars 2 to arive and forget about this shit.

    • You *do* realise that the F2P limitations are ther to encourage you to pay, don’t you? SOE is a business, not a charity, yet they have been more than generous in how much of the game you can actually play with paying a single penny compared to other F2P games.

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  6. *damn you brain* wonder what he said, that’s what i meant

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