Grand Slam Tennis 2 ‘Total Racquet Control’ Video Released

A new video has been released for Grand Slam Tennis 2, which is set to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 in February. The main focus is on “Total Racquet Control”, which sees button controlled shots replaced by different flicks on the right thumb-stick. It looks like it might take some getting used to, but is certainly interesting.

For those who aren’t keen, there is still the option to map shots to buttons.

Source: EA



  1. It’ll be…disappointing, I bet.

  2. It might work, make the game a little more challenging and provide something fresh, like Skate did after years of endless Tony Hawk games but I just can’t see it being all that convenient to pay.

    • It does look a lot less RSI inducing than skate though. That was just painful.

  3. Hope you’re wrong. I must be in a very small group who are looking forward to this almost as much as any other 2012 release. None of the other current-gen tennis games have been good enough.
    The two-stick approach, eg in NHL, does take some getting used to though.

  4. Reminds me of Fight Night’s control method, which I thought worked pretty well. Should be interesting to see how it plays, I was a little disappointed with Virtua Tennis 4 but hadn’t considered any future releases, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

  5. Could work brilliantly. Always felt there was next to no depth in tennis game controls.

  6. Prefer to use the Move for Tennis.

    • I was actually thinking the same thing, and didn’t EA do away with the move compatibility for Fight Night: Champion which had similar controls?

    • So would I, but the games released so far don’t have the finely tuned control of Table Tennis in Sports Champions, they’re more akin to waggle like a Wii game

    • If this doesn’t have top notch Move integration, I give up, I’ll be selling controllers. As far as I am aware this hasn’t been rushed out, so if Move is still bodged in, it beggars belief. Also, if TW13 has poor implementation it’ll be the cherry on top.

      Why oh why don’t Sony put a team on making a AAA Move sports game, I’m talking fully fledged with golf, table tennis, tennis. It’d need good investment, but it would be the game to have.

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