Grand Slam Tennis 2 “Pro AI” Trailer Released

EA has gone into more detail regarding the Pro AI system for Grand Slam Tennis 2. The idea behind the system is it captures the styles and mannerisms of all the famous players, from Maria Sharapova’s ear splitting “signature acoustics” to the way Venus Williams sits on the base-line and forces her opponent around.

The game also adapts to how you play, so if it spots you doing the same shot over and over again you’ll get caught out. It’s sounding very promising so far, and will be out on February 10th.

Source: VG247



  1. I do like me a good tennis game, will be looking forward to reviews of this.

  2. Ooo, lovely. Far better AI by the sound of it. Harder for the coders but hopefully very rewarding and something the public will really enjoy.

  3. I might just end up getting this. Hopefully it has proper sets and games. Hate when the arcade games just play a basic version of tennis.

  4. After watching yesterday’s Australian Open finale (men, single) I’m in the mood for a good tennis game. Nadal really put up a fight but after almost 6 hours Djokovic came out on top again.
    Probably the best match I’ve seen so far.
    Anyways, is the EA Grand Slam franchise any good? How does it compare to the likes of Virtual Tennis?

    • Hard to say. The original was on the Wii and was much more cartoon-like. They have gone completely the other way for this one

      • The last Tennis game I played on a console was Mario Tennis (epic). Any suggestions as to what would be a good, realistic Tennis game on the PS3?

      • Damnit, after watching a few trailers I’ve set my eyes on Grand Slam Tennis 2, which is the most expensive of the bunch because it’s a new release… I hope the price drops by the time I’m finished with FF XIII-2.

      • That virtua tennis released last year was excellent.

    • you are right it was an epic match,i really hope that it has full move implementation not like virtua 4 and top spin 4,i also hope it has functionality for offline and online multiplayer.

  5. Really liked the demo, was saddened that the Move controls are a bit waggle-like and fine control is only possible by pressing the Move stick’s buttons to modify your shot.

    Still waiting for a tennis game that reacts like Table Tennis in Sports Champs does.

  6. I don’t really trust this Pro AI thing yet.

    Whilst I like the demo, the AI play-styles are unrealistic. Nadal is constantly coming to the net, which he never does in real life. He’s labeled as a “Defensive Baseliner” in game too, which makes it sillier.

    Also, both Djokovic and Nadal have two-handed backhands in real life, yet in the game they sometimes hit one-handed backhands.

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