This Week’s Japanese Sales Charts Shows Vita At 42,648

This week’s Japanese hardware sales charts show that the brand new PS Vita has sold 42,648 units in the last week.  That’s actually less than the PSP did (at 62,746) and considerably less than the 3DS (which moved nearly 200,000 machines).

Here’s the full rundown:

  • 3DS 197,952
  • PS3 67,199
  • PSP 62,746
  • Vita 42,648
  • Wii 33,208
  • DSi LL 3,356
  • Xbox 360 2,453
  • DSi 2,418
  • PS2 1,659
  • DS Lite 28

In terms of software, Mario Kart 7 is way out in the lead with over 100,000 copies sold, followed by Monster Hunter – both on the 3DS.  The only Vita games in the chart are Minna No Golf 6 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, right at the bottom.

Whilst the industry decides this is all doom and gloom, have a read of our rather more balanced view on the figures above.

Source: Media Create, posted by 4gamer, link via GAF.



  1. With the 3DS & PSP showing how big the market is, Vita can’t be viewed as anything other than a slow start.

    but it’s exactly that, a ‘start’ but Sony do need to have plans in place to ramp up sales, as the PS3 & more recently the 3DS has shown that plan involves the words price & cut. Sony’s timing of this is critical, to soon and it will annoy core fans & early adopters to slow and the momentum may fail to get going and 3rd parties will struggle to sign off big budget games through lack of install-base.

    Personally, I really want one but by the time I’ve bought compulsory memory card & a handful of games it’s way, way out of the price range I can justify.

    • I don’t think the Vita is overpriced considering it’s spec but what I do think is overpriced is the mem cards and the games. You can buy games for other handhelds (smart phones, tablets etc.) for considerably less. They might not be in the same league as Vita games but most casual gamers will just see the price.

      • Didn’t say it was over-priced, just way, way out of a price range I can justify.
        From the TSA review comments, a lot of people even on TSA feel similar.

      • Yeah I know, wasn’t meant to come across that way.
        I pre-ordered one as soon as you could but I’m now considering cancelling it. It’s does add up to a lot of £s with the console, mem card and a game or two.

    • Like i said earlier if they put at least the cheapest card with the device you could get started and then buy a bigger card later that could get people to buy it since you would just need to buy a game for it. I am interested in this and will buy it if i have enough money on release day

  2. This saddens me. I really want the Vita to do well, and it still might, but what a poor start. I’ll still be getting one the end of march for my birthday and an 8 hour flight to the US of A.

  3. I laughed so hard with the 28 DS Lites!

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Hilarious!

  4. Other gaming sites do seem to be making a mountain out of a mole hill for Vita (e.g 1 retailer cuts prices = Japan slashes Vita price), but you can’t really argue with those sales figures. In no way would Sony of expected the sales figures to just drop off 1 week after launch.

    • They’ll always be drop-off once the pre-order are removed from the equation, but size of the drop-off isn’t ideal.

      You could understand if the market had shrunk, but the 3DS & PSP show that the size of the pie is huge.

      The release calendar seems better suited to Western territories, but Sony obviously chose to release in Japan first.

      The install-base by next Christmas will be fine, I’m certain.

      • Of course, week 1 sales will be higher compared to week 2 due to pre-orders, but would you really expect it to drop around 160,000 sales?
        The install base maybe fine by next xmas, but what will the cost of been to Sony if they had to drastically slash prices to achieve those sales figures?

  5. “Whilst the industry decides this is all doom and gloom” Do they? What do they know…they said the PS3 was DOOOOOOOOMED!:D
    Best bit about that chart is – PS3 67,199 COOL:P Xbox 360 2,453 LOL:D

    • Xbox doesn’t sell well in Japan.

      I have the feeling you would be mightily disappointed if you saw America’s sales figures.

      • Yeah but even so PS3 has sold really well lately and the industry people said that it wouldn’t ever sell well so what do the “experts” know

    • How much more fanboy rhetoric will you create?

    • Whatever rocks your boat I suppose.

  6. maybe with a bit more Japanese games it could do a bit better? 3DS succeeding is a great thing, hope the Vita can do just as good.

  7. Psvita needs a killer app and soon.

    • It’s the big guns

      That Everybody’s Golf & Ridge Racer are huge sellers in Japan then of course it’s got Sony’s biggest franchise this gen, Uncharted, it’s got a Katamari, Marvel Vs Capcom and a smattering of other Japanese-centric games whose names I couldn’t begin to pronounce. WipEout is also due out in the next couple of weeks.

      Sony, more so than any other launch of theirs has made sure there’s plenty of killer apps.

      • *has

      • Not for the Japanese market. Everybody’s golf is not a killer app and so is not Katamari. Uncharted and MVC and Wipeout are more for the Western.

  8. Rumours of monster hunter vita releasing this year have been circulating today. If its true the Japanese sales will go through the roof. The lineup of launch games haven’t suited the Japanese market and with one Japans biggest games being released at the same time on a cometing platform the sales figures haven’t been a surprise. Slow US and Europe sales would be a worry that the vita will go the same way as the psp

    • Yupp the psvita really NEEDS a MH game to take of in Japan.

    • So long as it doesn’t get pirated, I’d say Sony would LOVE it to go the way of the PSP- it’s comfortably ahead of PS3 and even 360 in numbers sold, and the PS3 isn’t exactly a failure, is it?

    • ..and in the west, it should be flying off shelves but it isn’t

  9. With Japan being such a relitely small market compared to the EU and America, Febuary will be judgment day. I have mine on Pre-order. Cant wait.

    • “The overall UK video game market was worth £2.52bn in 2011.”
      “Japan’s games industry was worth £3.808bn in 2011.”

      So, no, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

      • That’s the UK, he said the EU. I have no idea how big that is though in comparison, just thought I should point out that.

      • I refered to EU. Seeing as though the UK’s game market alone was more than 2 thirds of the Japanese market, I probably couldnt be more right if I tried.

      • Surely £3.808bn cannot be written off as nothing though and there’s also the fact that Japan is Sony’s home turf, the place where they traditionally are very strong. I would say Japan as a market matters very much to Sony.

  10. Glad to see the 3DS is finally picking up speed. Its a great little machine that is getting some good games under it’s belt :) The wait until 27th Jan for Resi Revelations is killing me lol.

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