Birmingham’s PlayStation Vita Rooms Event Cancelled

PlayStation Access has just announced that the Birmingham stage of the PS Vita Rooms events has been cancelled “due to last minute issues with the venue.” PlayStation Access has released a statement for ticket holders who have been affected.

“We’ll be contacting those of you who won the tickets to the PlayStation Access night at Birmingham via email to make alternative arrangements. For those of you concerned about the FIFA Interactive World Cup Live Qualifiers, we will be making arrangements to accommodate further contestants at the other PlayStation Vita Rooms venues. Stay tuned for more information.”

The London, Manchester and Glasgow PS Vita Rooms events are unaffected and will continue as normal.

Source: Facebook



  1. OMG, its because the Vita has failed already even though its not out for over a month!!

  2. They said they’re looking into something else such as vita consoles in some of the games retailers (like they have before) which is at least something.

  3. Severely expressed my dislike to this on facebook…..
    was looking forward to it.

  4. Well i know game and gamestation are expecting a console in store over the coming weeks, so id expect HMV to follow suit

  5. how about the windy weather affecting the venue? thought of that?

  6. Hopefully there’s one in that HMV with an upstairs so i can hide from the shop workers and play it without getting pushed off by them :P

  7. That sucks. Wonder what the issues could be. Hopefully they’ll get something sorted. Although I’m not going to any, I really want to try a vita, somewhere. :/

  8. WTF! I was actually going to go to this as in was in my home town…Playstation you just lost yourself a vita sale, only joking!!…but seriously you have.

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