Netflix App Appears On UK and Irish PS3s

PS3 owners living in the UK and Ireland will notice a Netflix app appearing under the TV/Video Service section of the XMB. Weighing in at a tiny 13mb, the app doesn’t do much yet apart from launch a “coming soon” screen, as well as ask if you would like to be informed via email.

It’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up against the LOVEFiLM app which, in my opinion at least, isn’t that great.



  1. Pleeeeeeeeease SCEE and Netflix, let this come to Scandinavia, we have NO VOD services for the PS3 :|

    • Nope, ALL FOR ME! :op

    • Yes please! I annoys me alot, US and UK does have video store. We don’t, even though they have said it will come..

    • Well we have MUBU -_-. Yay us!

      • Mubi!

      • Mubi is a bit niche but it has its place. I reckon there’s space for both Netflix and Lovefilm, at least as long as the subscription charge is decent enough.

      • Mubi i find doesn’t really get updated much, well here in Ireland i find it doesn’t

  2. Interesting…
    Anybody know how much they’ll be charging us in Ireland?

  3. Exactly the same as the US app.

  4. Looking good, hope the prices will be satisfactory as well.
    Do xbox users in the UK have netflix yet or is this an “exclusive” for a while like the LoveFilm app?

  5. Llovefilm gives you 4 hours streaming free if you get 4 blu-rays a month though and it does the job well enough. I’ll still give netflix a go though. All competition is welcome.

  6. Lovefilm have started an unlimited streaming package, no physical rental for £4.99 if anyone is interested. Still no HD streaming though, which Netflix will have, aswell as Dolby Digital 5.1 !!

  7. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the equivalent of the US service (all the latest stuff), or (more likely) just older stuff like Lovefilm with the occasional recent film. If they can do the former at a price competitive with Lovefilm, I’ll switch day one, I’m just not expecting it :)

    • Totally agree. I’m not very impressed with the streaming catalogue on lovefilm so mainly just watch the discs I get. Hope this is better. Also a bit of competition might make for some improvements.

  8. People keep asking for hd streaming but I don’t mind not having it. My internet barely copes with normal streaming. Plus surely the hd streaming isn’t as good as a bluray disc which is what you’d get if you want to watch a film in hd right?
    Also I subscribed to the 2 film disc a month package with unlimited streaming and then just before christmas they said I’d been uprgraded to 3 discs. So I love lovefilm at the momenet :-)

  9. Great service but I find the Lovefilm VOD service so slow I usually give up and order the Bluray.

  10. Ill be wanting to see prices and compare them to love film before i make my mind up with this. I have heard decent things about it from some american friends on my psn.

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