Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Image Leaked

Apparently a picture showing the Collector’s Edition of Aliens Colonial Marines has leaked onto the internet.


By the looks of it, those who buy the Collector’s Edition will get 3 additional multi-player weapons, an extra game mode, a dossier about the mission. There’s also a resin display model.

Aliens Colonial Marines is being developed by Gearbox Software and has a release date of Spring 2012. The game will release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS. Aliens: Colonial Marines has also been confirmed for the Wii U.




  1. one word – SOLD!

    This is brilliant I love Aliens
    Fantastic and also best news well for that is =D

  2. yours for £199.95

    • WHAAAAT?….!

      • Just a guess :) I know some of these ‘Useless Tat’ Editions can get quite pricey

        *Useless tat is just my opinion, I know many who love em….. looking at you del ;)

      • On second thoughts, maybe I want the “Useless Tat Edition” -something about the name. Wonder if it’ll launch in ultraHD on Terry…

      • Ya jealous Mikey

  3. Sweeeet

  4. I’ve just spotted the expensive bit of cardboard stating “legendary multiplayer weapons”. I think Halo is to blame for this originally but would somebody please tell game developers that painting a gun with a texture pulled from the recycle bin is NOT something special!

    (Gears, I’m looking at you)

  5. The gameplay video on the PSN looked pretty good. May pick it up for the Wii U at a later data (assuming of course the touch screen is used as the famous motion-tracker) :D

  6. i’m not overly enthused about the game, but i would face down a nest of xenomorphs for that power loader.

    sadly that probably wont be an option, so i’d have to face a much more difficult task.

    paying for it. O_O

    • More difficult than taking down a nest of xenomorphs..? Is there such a task!?

      • getting a facehugger off your face?

  7. want my vita to be the motion tracker blu-tacked onto my sharpshooter, that would be awesome.

    • This! Dear gods somebody makes This happen! ;D

  8. Hand Flamethrower? Handy in a scape. If the weapoms are exclusive to the collectors edition, I might splash out for it.

  9. Not interested in the collectors edition, just wan’t to see the game finally release. Waited far too long for this!

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