WeView: Final Fantasy XIII

We’re going far back into the mists of time this week. Well, maybe 2010 isn’t really all that long ago, but “the mists of two years ago” really doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? With the launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 just around the corner (and after the suggestion came from TheLoneSteven) Final Fantasy XIII seems a good bet for this week’s WeView.

Now I know I frequently pick games I haven’t played for WeView, but they’re normally games I have at least a passing interest in. Final Fantasy really doesn’t fall into this category at all, the whole series holds no appeal for me at all. I mean I tried to play Final Fantasy VII but it just didn’t click and nothing I’ve seen of titles since has really drawn me back.

However, enough of my feelings. I’ll pass things over to Peter’s review of the game from back in March of 2010. He was fairly positive about the title, rating it at 8/10. If you prefer your opinions less numerical and more textual then here’s some words that, by a happy coincedence, happen to be about Final Fantasy XIII.

Ultimately your enjoyment of the game will depend on your tastes but for fans of traditional RPG games (and especially for fans of the Final Fantasy series) this should be unmissable. However, for those more casual players or newcomers to the genre it may be slightly overwhelming and the repetitive nature and sheer linearity of the early level design might be quite a disappointment for fans hoping for more from this generation’s first Final Fantasy RPG.

So that’s the view Peter gave in his review of the game but it’s time to hear what you think about the game. Does Final Fantasy XIII fill an RPG shaped hole in your life, or did it you leave you craving something more? Whatever your opinion of the game, you can drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember once you’ve given your thoughts on the game to give your final verdict on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. If you want to your opinion and verdict to count in the community’s overall verdict next week you’ll need to have everything in by Sunday afternoon at the latest.



  1. I’d only played FF X-2 when I got XIII. I really enjoyed it, though the overly-linear nature of the gameplay right don’t to the penultimate chapter did grate after a while. I don’t have any of the older ones to compare it to, so I’m saying this without older versions to compare to. That being said, I love me a bit of fantasy RPG and this didn’t disappoint. The combat system is in-depth, the levelling up complex, but not too complex. There’s a lot to enjoy if you can forgive the walking down tunnels nature of the game. Graphically it’s lovely, but the storyline is mental, totally nuts. It can be picked up for a tenner now so I’d definitely say buy it.

  2. Ah, FF13, the game that took me 2 years to actually play it. When i first played it, i was disappointed in the combat system. I mean, why can we only control one party member? I’m used to being able to control the entire party in a battle in a typical RPG.(DA,FF etc..) So whoever thought that was a great idea needs to be sat on by the Fat Chocobo. As for the system itself, it’s not bad but it’s not good either as it’s a bit linear and i don’t like the fact that it’s in real time. I prefer FFs turnbased thus allowing me to think what to do next instead of pausing the game to avoid getting killed.

    The graphics on the PS3 version are bloody good. And are beautiful to look at. There are CGI cutscenes which are done well and the ingame ones are just as good. I have no complaint about them.

    Now, i’ve not completed FF13 yet but from the progress i’ve made, the story is good.

    But the worse thing this game has done is be very linear. I mean, for the first half(?)/10 chapters of the game, you are forced to go down a linear path in order to proggress. FF SHOULD NOT BE LINEAR!

    I’m going to say BUY IT but don’t expect it to be a FF7/8/9. Now, i hope 13-2 will fix the faults of 13. If it becomes another 10-2. I will kill a chocobo everyday.

  3. I loved it.
    Yes it’s linear, yes it’s repetitive. Play 7,8 and 9 again and you’ll see that they only had an illusion of freedom. They weren’t the vast sprawling open world games that people seem to remember.
    The battle system was great and the overall polish was brilliant. Looked and sounded the nuts.

    Roll on FFXIII-2 :)

    • Oh yeah forgot to add – BUY IT

  4. Lot’s of great opinions on here, so I’ll just add my final verdict. My avatar says all really.

    BUY IT.

  5. Hmm, still only about 10 hours in but not overly impressed. Haven’t really clicked with any ff games since ffx. Real time battle systems aren’t necessarily an evolution of turn based, more of an alternative. The linearity is a bit of a problem too, the earlier games may not have been open world but they at least had the occasional side quest at points along the main path

  6. Final Fantasy like other Final Fantasies is progressively linear but in this case at times the linearity can be absurd. For the first 12 or so chapters which can clock in at 20-25 hours-there is no backtracking only forwards and onwards. The absence of NPC’s,obtainable gil,towns/shops is noticeable and makes the game feel like less Final Fantasy than everyone knows.

    One of the main problems is that Final Fantasy XIII comes right after XII which was nothing short of outstanding and X which was also very much the same. It is easy to compare to other titles in the series yet thats unfair on the game as it has its own worthwhile merits.

    Final Fantasy is as much about progression as it is entertainment and this is no exception. The boss battles can be very tense and offer a challenge with the battle system that it incorparates. Chapter 7 is a long chapter with excellent battles that well made my heart beat that extra beat faster. Graphically and mechanically it is sound which is what you would expect.

    So it comes down to how you deal with progression. This isn’t another Disgaea where grinding is required for 100’s of hours-here we are talking about 20 hours getting through the story rather than levelling up and grinding. People have over exaggerated this and it should not be the area of criticism-the lack of traditional elements incorparated so well in other titles should be. Nonetheless though I am obliged to this because I enjoy each game for what it is worth and XIII is unique but to an acquired taste.

    Dead cheap now-its worth a look so I would say buy it.

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