Binary Domain ‘Bigger than you Think’ Trailer Released

SEGA has released a new trailer for upcoming shooter, Binary Domain. You control an international peace-keeping squad  in a robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo.

The game will be heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 24th of February in the EU, and 28th February in the US.

Source: Press Release



  1. That actually looked really cool. Seems a little Vanquish inspired.

    • Yeah, the style screams Vanquish to me.

  2. Wow, this looks great. Kind of hit me by surprise. Won’t be able to squeeze this into my schedule in February but I’ll probably pick it up after I’m done with FFXIII-2.
    Please, let there be split screen coop!

  3. Hmm, looks interesting, although the first trailer still has me feeling unsure about how this will turn out.

    • Yeah…. it basically like “Ah, feck not another” but it actuallly looks great storywise…. have yet to see gameplay but I believe theres been some good stuff?

      • The gameplay trailer looks really good too, this is the only shooter I have been interested in since Halo: Reach :3

  4. I bet this game was written off when it was first revealed but now it seems exciting… even if it went for generic military soldiers but the setting and robots maybe be the cause… and that they make Yakuza..

  5. Loved the first crazy guy. Looks like my type of game.

  6. That looks great.
    No idea when I’ll pick it up though (Vita week release date).

  7. Have to say im extremely impressed by that trailer, the game looks very very good, will definitely be keeping my eye on this.

  8. That trailer is great. Not 100% struck by the game, but they know how to sell it. Music is cool too.

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