WeView Verdict: Binary Domain

I know we’re rather late with this week’s Verdict but all that means is that you get a double whammy of WeView today. This morning you’ll have the verdict, and this afternoon a new game will be cropping up for you to share your thoughts on. For now though it’s time to focus on Binary Domain and just what you thought of it.

TSBonyman found the game rather average really, saying that it didn’t do “enough to make it stand out from the crowd.” Whilst they did praise it for having “an interesting sci-fi story/theme,” overall they “found the gameplay too repetitive, each area had that ‘rinse and repeat’ sense to it.”

Next up was Mundham, who was quick to praise the game’s “Quality cut-scenes [that] ensured an emotional resonance ran through the storyline.” They did agree with TSBonyman’s comments that the gameplay was repetitive though, and also felt that “the voice command “hook” was not well utilised.” They did enjoy the game’s multiplayer aspect, although did warn that it’s entirely long time players now, and they’ll pretty much destroy anyone new to the game – much like they did with Mundham.

That Batman thug lookalike Forrest_01 popped his head into the discussion as well, although it was mostly to say that that they hadn’t played all that much of the game so far. “I don’t really have too much input on length or whether it drags towards the end or anything,” he quickly warned us, although luckily he had played enough to be of some use.

He praised the game for being “everything that Terminator Salvation wanted to be (& should have been),” enjoying that way that the game’s enemies “carry a small resemblance to T-800′s endoskeletons.”

Time for a few quick opinions now, as several of you only left a few words on what you thought about the game. scavenga called the game “one of the greatest surprises this year,” praising its “Gratifying controls and satisfying gameplay, stunning graphics and… well-written storyline,” a view that wonkey-willy agreed with. They “loved this little beauty” and bemoaned the way that it was over shadowed by other titles.

nightdc was also good enough to jot down a few words, saying that “the customization was ace and the voice command system worked really well after initial configuration.” They also praised its “Nice graphics and big bosses” before calling it a “great game.”

Sadly nightdc forgot to rate the game, as did one or two others, meaning that we’re left with just four votes in this week’s verdict. Buy It picked up one of those votes, whilst Bargain Bin It managed to pick up the other three. It’s probably quite easy to pick the game up at a bargain price now, in fact Mundham said they managed to get if for just £8.

Onto this week’s poll, and we’re doing to do things a little differently this time. With the new WeView coming this afternoon there’s obviously no time for a poll to be run before it arrives, so instead this week’s poll will run until Sunday. That’s right, you’ve got a whole week to vote. If this is a more successful format for the poll then we’ll stick to it permanently. So go on, vote.


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  1. Batman thug eh? I kinda like that description, but it does make me think of Bob the Goon from the first Batman Movie (for some reason)! :)

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