Killzone Port Heading to PSN

In light of this morning’s news, Sony has indeed confirmed that the original Killzone will be hitting the US PSN on January 24th. It will be a straight port of the PS2 title, rather than any HD update.

It’s set to cost $9.99. An EU release is still to be confirmed. Anyone tempted?

Source: Game Informer 



  1. Any info on trophy support or anything?

    • PS2 Classics don’t get them.
      They’re the same as PS1 Classics in that respect.

      • ahh that’s very silly indeed. Would have been better to have a HD remake. Not interested now as it won’t be in HD or have trophy support. May as well pick up an ebay copy of the original game for pennies instead!

      • Just curious, is there any other ps2 classics? I thought it was only ps1 games so far.

      • On the US store I believe there are PS2 classics.

      • Yeah, they started coming out on the US Store in the last couple of months. Killzone would be the biggest title to be re-released this way so far.

  2. A tad disappointed that there’s no trophies or HD makeover, but if they release it in Europe, I’ll buy it.
    No hesitation, the split-screen modes alone are well worth it.

  3. Doubt I’ll pick it up since it’s not a HD-upgrade. I can always play it on my BC PS3 if I really want. No point having exactly the same game twice.

    • As opposed to exactley the same game twice except one of them has better graphics?

      • That wouldn’t be ‘exactly’ the same game would it?

      • The core gameplay “should” be exactly the same, so in my eyes: yes it would.

        Me personally once I get used to the graphics I don’t care how a game looks, I can go from PS3 with HDMI, to Wii with scart – albeit seeing the difference at first then I’m used to it within 10 minutes or so.

  4. Sorry, no sale. Give me backwards compatability.

    • Yeah, if only they could add it in later :/

    • Why give you something when they can charge you for it.

  5. I found the original quite boring!

    • Yeah, If I want to fight gormless idiots in linear corridors I’ll go to the Milton Keynes.

  6. No HD? Boo-urns!

  7. nooo :(, Well have this game aged any well then because I have not played it.

  8. Don’t know why everyone was expecting an HD remake :S
    It’s only one game. Most HD remakes are trilogies or two games.
    It would be silly for Sony to put out an HD remake charging £10 for it brand new.

    • Why?

    • Oddworld Strangers Wrath says hi. One of the best HD remakes.

      • Just about to mention Stranger’s Wrath, has been fantastic so far! Your complaint fully fits a current HD title doing well

      • Beyond Good and Evil HD?
        Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath?
        The upcoming Final Fantasy X?
        Medal of Honor: Frontline?
        Call of Duty?

        Just off the top of my head, there may be others too…

      • Dead Space Extraction was another one.

      • Flight Control HD…

        Hell yeah.

      • Oh oh… I forgot easily going to be the greatest remake ever

        Fina…. NO… Rayman 3, simply can’t wait… even if its on the shelf…

  9. No trophy support = no sale for me. Sorry Sony but when will you learn? There are tens of thousands of people that would buy these things with trophy support but will not without it. There are a lot of people who don’t care for trophies, but the inclusion of trophies does not stop them buying the game, not including them does stop a lot of people buying the game. silly peeps.

    • Hit the nail on the head there Tony. Well put.

      • Yes, very well put and I totally agree.

      • I agree but I dislike the way it was put. ;)

      • I disagree with you 3shirts o_O

    • Good point, well made.

  10. Hmm so it’ll be £7.99 in UK, wonder how much I can get the PS2 disc.

    • Probably about a quid :P

    • bought one for £4 a few months back.

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