Original Killzone Coming To PS3?

Recently flagged by Gamepur, ESRB search results for Guerilla’s gritty 2004 shooter has Killzone listed as both a PS2 and PS3 release. Despite being an obvious addition to Sony’s “HD Classics” range there has been no official announcement of a visually-updated port.

That said, recent reforms at SCEE, seeing the closure of BigBig Studios (Pursuit Force, Little Deviants) as well as a merger between SCE Cambridge and Guerilla Games could suggest movement on the Killzone front.


  1. I’d buy it! Whichever one it is :P

    • Excellent..I’ll pop the original on theebay!

  2. Yes please.

  3. wasnt it terrible? :P

    • Absolutely not. I spent a hell of a lot of time online with KZ on PS2. Loved it. Might look terrible if I were to go back to it now though, having played 2 & 3, but at the time it was awesome.

      • I went back to it since getting a PS3 and it really doesn’t stand the test of time. They will need to tweak a few things like the very repetitive dialogue bursts of “We need support…”

      • bought it off ebay for a couple of quid before KZ3 was released. Great game.

    • It was pretty bad as a stand alone shooter and even worse when compared to KZ 2&3. This would be a pointless re-release imo and nothing more than a cash-in

      • Yeah, the original is just so crap and sooooo boring compared to KZ2 and 3.

    • Got it in a value pack with God of War (I or II, can’t remember) and I stopped playing after an hour, maybe even less. Really not my cup of tea.

    • For me, Killzone pushed the PS2 beyond what it was capable of – and it showed, the draw-distance and pop-in were awful, something the PS3 “shouldn’t” suffer from.

      Can’t see there being a single blu-ray disc if KZ3 takes up 42gb on its own…

  4. Good, Killzone was great. Struggled with the PS2 hardware but was well worth playing.

  5. I still have my old Killzone, plus the opening sequence blew me away. And I would buy it for the PS3 for the multiplayer ^^

  6. Yay another HD disappointment.

    • Lol. I’m going to stop re-buying such games, I have the original and this will probably only spoils my happy memories. Plus, I have a huge backlog of next gen games to play!

    • The only ones ive bought so far is the GOW collection, because I have never played them

      • Yeah I guess it’s good for people who haven’t played them bfore. Despite my comment I have bought Resident Evil 4 HD (but you can now walk when shooting, and it was the best PS2 game ever); Ico & SotC; and preordered the very limited Zavvi.com MGS Collection. Oh the hypocrisy!

        Mind you, I’ve not even loaded up RE4 or Ico/SotC yet!

      • ive only played the first few hours of GOW1. GOW3 is still in its wrapping….DOH! had that last christmas

      • Really, you should play GoW3. I avoided buying it due to my backlog of games (only unwrapped Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Deus Ex last night funnily enough. Not about to play them, I just put the discs in my CD wallet). However I played the GoW demo and thought it was awesome, even though I don’t usually like button-bashing-fighting games.

        Other games that still haven’t been opened include RDR GOTY Edition and Fallout New Vegas. I have loads more that I haven’t played, but these are still in their wrapping!

  7. Nice. I quite like these HD remakes. Hope they bring the PSP Killzone to PS3 too.

    • Yeah liberation is one of my favorite Psp games

  8. Fantastic, the split screen makes it the best of the series.

    • KZ3 had splitscreen…?

      • Nowhere near as good.
        The first Killzone’s splitscreen is my all-time favourite for a shooter, ahead of the likes of Timesplitters.

      • Fair enough. It wasn’t the best on KZ3 I have to agree.

    • ^ This. (what colmshan1990 said)

  9. day one buy.

  10. Cambridge eh?….. why not get there skulls together and build a new Medievil with the combined power of Gurilla Games?

    Killzone is in great in all…. but why can’t Sony revive there old games, would love to see a new G-Police and Colony Wars heck if they wanted them to sell both could easily be a FPS… *cough*

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