ESRB Rates Hitman: Blood Money For PSN

Yesterday morning we reported that the ESRB had updated its listing for SCE shooter Killzone, adding the PlayStation 3 as an applicable platform. It didn’t take long for Sony to confirm that the game was indeed making its way to the PlayStation Network. Unlike previous PS2 ports however, it will not be receiving an HD makeover, launching on January 24th at a very reasonable $9.99.

Another ESRB listing spotted this morning also states that Hitman: Blood Money, the fourth game in the Eidos franchise, will be making its way to the PlayStation 3.


Given that the previous games in the series haven’t received an update, it’s likely that Blood Money will launch as a singular title under the PlayStation Network’s “PS2 Classics” banner, with no visual upgrade, 3D integration or trophy support. Though some will welcome the addition others will likely read this in a negative light, reducing the chances of Eidos releasing a Hitman HD Collection.

Source: ESRB



  1. I’m kinda done with Blood Money. It was great and I played it A LOT but I’ve no desire to play it again really. I want the new one!

  2. Hmm, I’ve never played a Hitman game although the one due this year does intrigue me. I’ve heard Blood Money was the best one though, is this true?

    • They were all pretty decent, but in terms of graphics and refined mechanics Blood Money is probably the best.

      There’s no need to go reading through a load of wikis to pick up the plot thread, it’s very easy to get into and is more gameplay-driven than narrative focused.

      • Oh right that’s good to hear. Cheers.

  3. Really hope that Sony will patch the psvita so we can play ps2 classics on the psvita!!!(if possible)

  4. So does this mean they took away PS2 backwards compatability so they could re-sell PS2 games on the store? Me thinks so.

    • took them 6 years to do that master plan.

    • It just means that if you want ALL the features then buy the product on launch day. The machines get cheaper as they strip out features. Simple money making dynamics.

      • Tbh, I’d rather pay £189 on amazon now and still use a PS2, than £400+ and be able to throw away my PS2..

    • No, it means they took it away as a cost-cutting measure when they desperately needed to cut the price and everyone and their mother was saying they didn’t need backwards compatabilty

    • Surely it was merely a software thing over here bcause we didn’t have the emotion chip it was all emulated. So why take away software? Its not like they’re saving on parts. Also the fact that they have now put PS2 games on the store shows that the ps3 can emulate them and they merely took away the ability for it to boot up the ps2 discs that you put in.

  5. I’ll be getting this. I have it on disc and a 60gigger but i’d prefer to have it on my Hardrive.

  6. i always suck at those games, i usually get caught and end up having a series of gunfights, which i inevitably lose.

  7. If the price is right I’ll pick this up – PS+ discount please!

    • Hopefully they do 20-30% discount .on eveft ps2 classic

  8. I disguised myself as santa & strangled everyone.

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