Rockstar Hiring For ‘Next-Gen Console’ Project

The existence of next generation consoles is probably one of the worst kept secrets in videogaming.

Clearly no one told Grand Theft Auto dev Rockstar that the situation is hush-hush, as a job advert posted on their website suggests they need someone to work on future consoles.


Rockstar North are advertising for Environment Artists who “have the technical knowledge to achieve great looking results and the skill to get the most from next-gen consoles.”

Feel free to jump to your own conclusions about what the project could be: Red Dead Redemption 2, a sequel to Bully and another Manhunt game are all possibilities. How about State of Emergency 2, Rockstar?

Source: Rockstar



  1. I live in Edinburgh, and have applied. If I get in, TSA you have your inside man ;)

    • The link you have is for the USA offices I think, but for those in the UK

    • Lol, I move to Edinburgh in June and it was only over the XMas hols, while I was making my way in to town, did I catch a glimpse of the sign and realise “Holy crap, I go past RockStar North every day on the way to work!”. Even then it was only because I was looking in that direction trying to remember if that massive Starbucks by the Black Bull was new or not, otherwise I would have remained oblivious for goodness knows how long! Doh …

      • Im not so sure that is the development offices

    • so… will you reveal if they’re doing anything with planes and futuristic furniture?


  2. If only they used Maya instead of 3DS for model work…and I lived in Edinburgh…and I stood a chance in hell :(

  3. I hope it’s something new from Rockstar. Red Dead, LA Noire and Bully are the best I’ve played from them, and they were all new and had an element of ‘fresh’ applied to what was at it’s heart, the GTA structure covered in something new.

    Going along that route, I’d say Rockstar might go for a title set in the distant past, or maybe even the future. Space? Wasteland? Egypt? Who knows, but I’d like something new…

    • I’d love to see a Rockstar treatment of feudal Japan, something like Miyamoto Musashi’s story would be perfect as it’s already an epic.

  4. GTA 6 please!

  5. There WAS a “state of emergency 2”. It was released in 2006 and it was crap.

  6. Well, it might be a ‘secret’ but everyone knows they’re coming anyway, so why not? I hope it’s a new IP. a new Red Dead would be cool, but i’d like to see something new, again.

  7. I really hope it’s a sequel to Bully as that was a very enjoyable game. I hope it’s not GTA6 as it’s too early to even start brainstorming ideas for it as GTA5 is not out yet and thus they can’t use the critism of any features and improve it.

    I wonder if it’s a sequel to Red Dead Redemption or another game set in a rarely used time period?

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