Super Stardust (Star Strike) Delta Hits Japanese PSN

Super Stardust Delta (known in Japan as Star Strike) has hit the PSN for download for Japanese Vita owners.  It’s a ‘remix’ of the PS3 version, offering almost identical graphics and gameplay but with a few unique twists.

I’ve been playing it for a few days and think it’s just as good as its big brother – I particular like the new boost (which now has a cute delay on it) and the tightened focus on fire and ice weapons.


The controls are fine, with some Vita-only options like tilt control and tapping the touchpad, although old-schoolers will be happy to know that you can play with pretty much the standard PS3 controls if you so desire.

The game is just ¥1,000 (around £8), and will be a launch title here on the 22nd of February.



  1. Really looking forward to this. Didn’t realise it was a day one release. More money to spend on day one! Damn you Sony

  2. How much space does does it take?

    • Likely it’ll take over 500mb or 1gb even? depends on what the last game was I think, I guess it could be bigger.

      • Just found out how much it takes: 201 mb

  3. Day 1 for me as loved the original on PS3. Superb fun.

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